Help Me - Chapter 1

This is my story called 'Help Me'. Hope you like it.
She smiles and walks away to the car before she left she stops the car and blew me a kiss goodbye.

I turn around and see the big campsite of Harvard and I walk inside to get my room number. "Hello welcome to Harvard the best law school there is!" A perky girl with golden hair and shiny emerald eyes says with a happy smile. "What's your name? So I can give you're room number," says the perky girl "Yes, my name is Elizabeth Angel the 2nd." I quickly reply. She looks through a big pack of document "Ah there you are Elizabeth Angel room 234." She hands me the document and winks "I think you will happy with whose your partner." She points her finger to a tall dark-haired guy with the lightest blue eyes I ever seen, he had a Yankees t-shirt and you could see his tensed muscles right through the shirt.

I look up and see him staring straight at me, our eyes locked I could feel my cheeks warm up. "Yes he is a cute hunk of man ain't he?" I turn around a ginger haired girl with little brown freckles. She grins at me "My name is Kim short for Kimberly and your name is?" She turns her head to look at my document "Elizabeth Angel, pretty name but I doubt your angel course I ain't." She gives me a slay smile. "Oh well hello Kim," not knowing what else to say, she chuckles "Oh maybe I was wrong about you not being an angel, but stick with me and you'll be my partner in crime now come on let's go to your room." She looks back at the guy "But don't worry I don't want him, I already got dibs on another guy." She winks and grabs my arm and quickly runs upstairs we turn and open the door that said 'Room 234'.

There was 2 beds, a closet and one desk suddenly I hear a toilet flush "Oh my there's someone in here I wonder who that is." She nudges my ribs and walks backward mouthing good luck and walks away. Out comes the same dark-haired guy he looks at me and smiles "Ah you must be my roommate." I could feel his eyes checking me out, he reaches out his hand "Troy Macdalister." I grab his hand suddenly I feel him pull me up closer his blue eyes shine quietly he asks "What's your name beautiful lady." I chuckle "Um my name is Eliza short for Elizabeth." "Well then Eliza let's get acquainted, why don't you drop your bags and we'll go hang out with some friends of mine." I drop my bag and I follow him.

We go downstairs and into the field "Hey Troy, how can you leave your books?" Says a tall skinny girl with a pointy nose and dark brown hair "I'm sorry baby, but as you see I found my new roommate we were just talking." He comes up and plants a deep kiss on the girls lips. "Oh sorry this is my girlfriend Tasha and this is Mark." He points to a tall muscled guy with blond gelled hair "Hey," Troy continued "And this is my best friend James," and there in the corner also a tall guy with black hair hiding his eyes with tall broad shoulders. "Whose she?" He asks before Troy could explain I say "Eliza nice to meet you." I smile softly, the silence seemed never-ending till Troy breaks it "So there is going to be a party at Marks place and your invited." His eyes looks hopeful. "Sure why not what room and time?" I see a smile perk up his face, suddenly his eyes dart over to James like he won something.

"Great 8:00 which is in an hour and room 153 see you there." The group gets up expect James who keep staring at the ground and they leave.

I turn to leave "Hey," I hear James voice "What?" He comes up to me and he moves his hair from his eyes they were an amazing light green eyes "You shouldn't be hanging out with us we're a bad crowd even for a little stupid England girl." I felt a shiver run down my spine "Excuse me stupid? Who are you to call me stupid and for that matter what I have to be afraid of a little cock-prick asshole." I glare at him feeling the heat between us. He comes up a little closer "Because we use little stupid England girls for our amusement, but I don't know why he picked such an ugly one this time." My eyes open wide and I lose my breath, feeling anger flush over me I raise my hand and slap him across the cheek as I walk away I could here him mumble "Bitch," under his breath.

I walk back to my room and slam the door closed, I look at the clock it was 7:55. I lay down on my bed, the headache was like a hammer slamming my head I close my eyes for second.

I was outside the cold air was burning my bare arms and legs, I look around, I was in the woods. Suddenly I see a pair of red eyes staring right at me in the dark trees. I freeze staring right back it, suddenly it starts coming near me I start running. I feel my hair whipping my face I turn my head and I see the red eyes coming closer and closer I scream at the top of my lungs as it grabs my leg and pulls me into the darkness. I try to get out of its grasp as it turns me around pulling a knife to my neck, suddenly I see that face of it, and it was James.

I wake up, sitting up breathing hard whispering, "It was just a nightmare." I look at the clock it was 12:30 am, I get off the bed and walk out the door and go downstairs.

The night was welcoming and warm, lampposts attracting mosquitoes. I go up the bleachers and sit down suddenly I hear moaning under me "What the hell?" I whisper I go down and see Mark on top of Kim "Oh my God." I quickly run away to the other side. So that was who Kim had an eye on, well good for her.

I sit on the stairs gazing at the stars, the grass had new dew and the moon was full a somewhat good day with a perfect ending. "Hey." I look up and there before me was James "What the hell do you want?" "Wow calm down I just want to say sorry for before I was mad at someone else but I took it out on you." He sits down next to me. "Oh well then what are you doing out here in the middle of the night?" I look at him for an answer "Well that's what I was wondering about you." He says quickly "I said it first," giving him a half-smile "You weren't at the party what happened?" "Oh I was just tried and had a headache and fell asleep, I guess the party was great because I just saw Kim and Mark doing it behind the bleachers. I see his head turn slightly "Really it wasn't that great because a teacher came and took all the beer," we both laugh.

I look at his eyes the moon gave them a light blue aura, he was handsome suddenly I notice he was wearing no shirt his muscles were tense and his 6 pack was showing. "Um may I ask why aren't you wearing a shirt?" I hear him chuckle "Oh I thought you were checking me out, but I spilled some nacho cheese and it was messed up so I left it." He looked at me like he was waiting for a snappy come back. "I wasn't checking you out, I was just wondering why a guy in the middle of the night starts talking to a girl without a shirt, I was about to scream rape."
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Published: 9/16/2011
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