Help Me - Chapter 3

Here is chapter 3. And in chapter 1 the picture was of Eliza. In chapter 2 that was Troy. And here the picture is of James.
After 3 hours class was over. Before I leave I hear the Spanish girl say, "Hey what class do you have next?"

"Swimming you?" She looks at her schedule "Um, art class." I half-smile and start to walk away, and then I stop "Hey I never caught your name?" Her black hair leaning on one side of her shoulder. She smiles "Karina Hernandez and you Eliza, si?" I smirk "Si". And I walk out the room; I look in my backpack for my swimming suit.

My eyes bulge I left it in my room, I start running down the hallway as I take the finally turn to where my dorm room is I run smack into someone.

"OUCH got a hard head there Eliza," I look up, it was James he was rubbing his chest to where I hit him. "Sorry I was running to get something I forgot in my room," he looks down at my schedule "What do you have next?"

"Swimming class." I start walking to my room. His hand stops me "No don't, I was just there it's pretty brutal, let's go somewhere else." My head turn to his, "What are you are saying? We should the skip class. I just started and I need good grades!" I push his hand aside. Putting the key in the keyhole, opening the door slightly I hear him say, "They are measuring your weight." I roll my eyes and take out the key, "So, where are we going," he takes my hand into his, and my cheeks get red. "Somewhere not so far from here." He smiles. And he starts leading me downstairs and we make a 360 turn.

He opens the back door and we go outside, the sun was blazing in my eyes and I hear people screaming "RUN TO FIRST BASE!" We go up hill and sit down on nice shady area and dark green grass. I drop my book bag and lay down on the grass. James also lies down next to me and breathes in deeply, "Nice here," he says. I run my fingers through the grass poking me slightly Yeah, really quiet."

I look at him his chest breathing in and out, his eyes closed and his big hands giving support to his head. Suddenly he sits up looking at me, he bites his lip chuckles and lays down, "What?" I ask.

"Nothing I thought I saw a pretty girl, but it was just you." I slap his arm, "Shut up asshole." I lie down my dark hair spreads around me I sit up when James leans in, both our noses touch our lips one millimeter away from touching. I look at his eyes, they were looking my lips, he comes closer and pecks on my mouth. His hand goes on my head and he leans in to a deep kiss, I close my eyes and hold on to his neck suddenly he pushes me away, "Shit this can't happen," he gets up and takes his book bag and roughly walks away.

I sit there wondering what just happened, I get my book bag and run after him, "Wait James what the hell do you mean?" I see his black hair I run up behind his back "James tell me!" He turns around his green eyes shine "It just can't, it can never!" He tilts his head he runs up right to me and kisses me.

He holds my body tight, "This can never happen, I'm sorry," and starts running away, "But James." I stand there confused, I sling my book bag against my back and walk away silently and quickly.
Published: 9/21/2011
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