Help Me: Chapter 6

Some new surprises!
I look up to the sky, the sun was setting down and a blanket of darkness was covering the sky. I take a deep breath and start walking down the road; I walk into my room slumping down on the chair, turning on the computer checking my email.

Just a bunch of junk from friends showing pictures of their new campus like I a give a fuck, I roll my eyes and turn it off. I open my book bag and start on economy homework; scanning the paper suddenly I hear loud pounding on the door, I drop the paper and open the door "HEY it's Eliza...waz up!" It was Troy "What the hell?" I squint my eyes looking at him "Are you drunk Troy?" He starts chuckling "No, are you drunk cuz I'm so happy lets dance huh?! He pushes me into the room.

"Troy NO! Just go to bed, you're drunk." I try pushing him to the bed, but he was heavy. He starts laughing, "I got a better idea, let's fuck!" He puts his hands on my waist pulling me to my bed "Troy stop NO! Just go to bed." I start to push him away, he grabs my hand "Bitch come here."

"Troy STOP IT!" He breath smelled like whiskey "Don't make me hit you like I do to Tasha," my eyes pop open, I fill my lungs to start screaming before I scream he punches me in my stomach hard.

I groan falling on the floor, his hands hits me across my face; he picks up and drops me on the bed "Stop." I say groaning, he starts taking off my shirt.

Finally I gain enough conscious turning my head to his face "Help somebody help me please!" His head jerks up "Fucking hoe shut up!" Again he smacks me across the face.

"HELP!" I hear the door slams open "What the hell Troy get off of her!" A big pair of hands grabs Troy on the shoulders swinging him across the room. I look it was James "Are you ok Eliza, did he hurt you?" Looking at his eyes I nod "James he's drunk."

Troy was on the floor groaning, "What did he do to you?" Before I could answer Troy gets up slamming James on the floor, coming after me. Grabbing my neck pulling close to his chest, James gets up "Let go of her you moron!" Troy puts on a sly smile "Jealous much." I feel his tongue lick my cheek "Get any closer and I squeeze the crap of her neck." James hands turn into fists, he starts running to Troy pushing him on the floor, Troy let's go of me and my head hits the corner of the table and everything goes black.

(4 hours later) my eyes open scanning the room, it was dark I groan putting my hand on my head "Fucking asshole," I pull myself up looking at the time.

It was 4:30 at night I look over to Troy's bed, he was gone and so was James. I go onto the bathroom looking in the mirror, mascara streaks all over my cheeks my hair in huge knots. I clean up putting on some skinny jeans and a black turtleneck, it was already 6:30 "Where did he go?"

I put on the blue sweater and go outside. The night was cold and the woods had some kind of eerie feeling to it, I look all over campus no sign of them. I gave up and went down the black road suddenly I hear voices "What the fuck are you waiting, DO IT!"

"Wait I think someone is walking here." I run hiding behind a tree. I black figure comes out the head goes to side to side looking down the black road "Forget it no one." I follow the figure behind the bushes, "Ok you piece of shit," the figure takes something out of his hand it was a knife.

I gasp I look at the figure the floor I put my hand over my face stopping myself from screaming it was Troy. The figure stands in the light of the lamppost my mouth opens up it was James.
Published: 9/23/2011
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