Help Me: Chapters 4 and 5

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Chapter 4

Swimming class was over and next was science class, I walk into room 465 there were black tables and 2 tan tall stools on each table.

I see Troy sitting with Tasha, he mouths, "Hi." I make a little wave. I go to the back; the one seat available, I look to my side it was the perky girl she smiles. I nod and the teacher starts talking, "Welcome to college." He speaks in a deep loud voice; he had black bouncy hair and brown eyes with a few wrinkles around his eyes. "Today we will go over the basics like E=mc2." I hear Troy groan the teacher glares at him, "my name is Mr. Macdalister".

My mouth opens up "pssst" I hear to my side, there was a note written 'Eliza,' I open it 'Here is a few rules to remember in science class. 1. never ever ask a question while he is explaining only when he ask the class. 2. And always use a pencil, he HATES pens, you get suspended for it.' I smile and write down, 'Thanks, but I got a question - is he anyway related to Troy Macdalister?'

I pass it back to her. Her head nods as she reads the note, she quickly writes down something and slaps the note in my hand, 'Yes, it's his father, it's not that great for him because college is like your whole life and his dad knows who he dates, what grades, and what job he gonna have, lots of pressure on Troy', I look at Troy and Tasha, her legs and arms were beaten with bruises.

I write down, 'Oh ok, hey I never knew your name.' I pass it and her smile gets wider. Her head turns to me and she whispers, "Leona". My head goes up quickly to Mr. Mcdalister voice, "Ok, class is over, I will see you after tomorrow."

Everyone got up and left, I pick up my book bag and start to leave, I go out the door. To my side was Troy, he was leaning against the lockers, and his blues eyes shining looking at me, "Hey," I say.

He makes a half-smile, "Come to the library, I need to show you something." I frown, "Um, ok," I start following him. There was two big red doors with golden frames and golden knobs, he opens the door and waits for me to go in.

There were shelves lined up in straight rows and 4 tables in each corner. And a white table with an old big computer, Troy starts walking toward the computer. He clicks it on and goes on Google and types in - 'Mystery man' and a newspaper comes out with the headline, 'Mystery Man leaves more blood' - "everyone thinks that James," he looks at my eyes with seriousness, "And how should this affect me?" Looking at the headline.

He chuckles, "Because the girl who just kissed him should know am I right?" My head quickly turns to him, "How the hell do you know?!"

"I was playing baseball and I saw you two, up on the hill." I click off the computer, "It was a mistake kiss and I don't really care about this."

I start walking out the door and to the cafeteria. I grab an apple and milk and see Kim waving for me to come to her table. I start walking and Katrina comes up next me "Hola um, can I sit with you, you seem like a nice person and I don't know anyone else," her eyes looking at the floor, "sure why not," she follows me and we sit down.

"Hey," then I get interrupted by Katrina. "YOU!" pointing to Kim. Kim stands up, "What the hell are you doing here?" I look at both at them, their faces all scrunched up, "What happened?" Catrina starts screaming in Spanish, "Que cono estas aqui te puta!" (What the fuck is you here slut!)

"Mexican bitch shut up, if we need a maid then we'll call you, now get out!!"

"Vete a la mierda todos los Buenos es en chupar la polla que puta! (Fuck you all, you're good at are sucking cock!). Leonia gets up putting her hands in front of them, "Sit down and explain!" She says in a powerful voice.

They slump down Catrina starts talking, "This bitch slept with my boyfriend!"

"He was asking for it honey," she smiles like she won something. I rise my eyebrow "Aren't you with Mark?" She turns to look at him. She gets up and starts making out with him. Kim licks her lips and goes back to us "yup."

Katrina sits there looking at a chocolate-brown colored guy with almond eyes and light plump pink lips, "that's him," she whispers. He starts coming up to her, "Catrina, I'm so sorry, I love you..." He talks the rest in Spanish.

There was too much drama today. I sigh and drink the rest of my milk and go upstairs.

I drop on my bed, rubbing my eyes I look at my phone there were 10 new voicemails, I knew right away it was from my mom. I dial and the phone rings, "Hello Angels residents."

"Hi mommy," I could practically see her jumping in joy then a frown, "Why didn't you call me in two days?"

"Sorry classes got my busy with homework and essays."

"Well then how are you over there?" Sounding worried. "Oh, I'm. Ok made a lot of new friends," smiling, "That's great, I really miss you here."

"Me too mommy anyway, got to go really tried," she sighs. "Alright nice talking to you honey goodnight."

"Goodnight, love you," and we hang up.


Chapter 5

I bite my lips; I open my black suitcase and take out my Dell laptop. I type in Mystery man and comes out the same newspaper. I scroll down and start reading, 'Mystery man' has strikes again leaving more blood and still leaves police clueless.

The body was found in the dumpster with its eyes cut out and no skin on the body. A source says, "I was walking late last night and I saw a man with a knife and another man on the floor, the man saw me standing there and ran." Police believe he is around (6,9) and well around his 20s', the last time people saw him wearing black jeans with a polo shirt and converse shoes - 'Gabe Brown'.

I sit there looking read the paragraph over and over again. I slap the laptop close and look at the window. The sun was setting down leaving an orange sky and small white clouds making the sky look like a painting. It was around 6:00, I get up and get a blue jacket and go outside.

I go downstairs and out the front door. The air was cool and refreshing and the crickets were already chirping, people were on grass doing their homework, and couples walking together with their hands holding each other.

I start walking into the forest, following the black-cemented road. The trees were tall and standing proud with the sun over the leaves and flower buds popping out the soil. There was little veranda made out of wood and inside there was a man on the phone holding a flashlight, I turn to leave then I recognize the voice it was James.

I run into the bushes, bending down hiding. I come closer to the veranda, "Yes I know... but sir," there was a long silence. "I will do it by tomorrow, yes sir... yes... no...I understand." He closes the phone and rubs his eyes and scratches his hair. "Fuck all this," he mumbles.

I move my foot and step on a stick and it snaps. He looks up squinting his eyes gritting his teeth, "Who's there?" I stand still, he gets up and starts waking toward me, "shit," I mumble.

He stands there one foot away from me, his eyes searching the forest, I breathe heavily then he turns and walks down the black road. I get out and stand there wondering who was he talking to, was he the killer?
Published: 9/22/2011
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