Help Wanted

I pour my heart out to people who read my writing, and now I ask for something in return.. your advice.
Do not cheat...
That was all that was required
For our relationship to last
But then you acted like
Everything was okay
Until it was too far in the past.
I came to you
With my confession
From deep in my heart
And you in turn,
Told me the worst thing ever
As you said your part.
You kissed someone else
Before we had even had the chance
To make our relationship true
You cheated; you lied
Said there was no other
Told me there was no one else for you.
But my guilt at my own confession
My broken promise
My sudden relapse
Made me act like I was strong
Like it didn't kill me inside
Even when I just wanted to collapse.
So the day after the fact
I sit here at the computer
And I wonder why?
Nothing I ever did was so wrong
As to cheat on one you say you love
And then to hide it, and lie.
I always said that
I would not stay with someone who had cheated
But how can I stop loving you?

So now I call on my friends, and my fans
And I ask for your advice, your opinions...
What should I do?
Published: 4/21/2009
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