Her Heart's Desire - Chapter 1

Helda had grown up having nothing but an ambition, and the ambition had gotten her all she needed. Will her ambitious mind get her love too?
Helda Adebayo was born to a poor Nigerian family in a little village called Uselu. She was the fifth child of the seven children, her parents will eventually have. Her parents were poor so there was never enough of anything. The food was poorly prepared and yet small, the clothes were all "hand-me-down" and even the new ones were "second-hand clothes", a term which meant someone else cast away was resold and used as new by the poor.

Helda and her family always lacked, and even though they were in a poor environment, they were one of the poorest. But, Helda's mother always told them not to allow their mind remain poor. She kept telling them stories of how things will be different with them if they could only dream of something better. And Helda never stopped dreaming, she never stopped desiring a better life. And eventually, she got it or so she thought.
Should I continue?
Published: 11/7/2017
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