Her Trusting Eyes

For my sweet little Angel, who will never read these words. She is sleeping in God's hands now.
Her trusting eyes look for me as she cries out in the night,
Her little body trembling with cold and hungered fright,
She seeks to cuddle into me as if to crawl inside,
With tender hands I hold her, my love won't be denied.

Caressing gently over her face, I wipe away her tears,
I hold her close and hope that I can take away her fears,
So small and helpless, asleep she lays curled up on my breast,
Her quiet breathing deep and slow, she dreams within her rest,
Her trusting eyes will look for me the next time she awakes,
And I will hold her in my hands and take away her shakes.

God gave to me this little life to struggle hard to save,
This precious kittens fighting hard, so sweet and so brave,
She will never read these words but I hope that she can feel,
How much I love her, so deep and truly real.

Her trusting eyes are closed now nevermore to see
My loving smile as I hold her close and keep her safe with me
Tears fall from my eyes like rain as I lay her in the ground
Goodnight my love, sleep in peace and thank you for all the love I found
Published: 10/14/2013
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