Here I Am (For You)

This isn't a romantic poem although it can be taken that way. This is a poem about the love that can be lost and found again. This is a poem about love. About getting hurt but loving anyway. This is about the type of love that many go through. **Hope you like it.
I may be in the wrong,
But here I still am,
I may be barely holding on,
But here I am.


I hold my trust close to me,
Making it near impossible to gain,
Hiding my true feelings so no one can see,
See the pain and innocence I guard.

People hurt me and I forgive easily,
Although it’s harder to forget,
To forget the pain you brought me,
Am I wrong to be so reserved?

Kindness and forgiveness may be my liege,
But my humanity stays with me,
I guard my feelings, not surrendering to a siege…
But maybe it’s time to give up for once?

To say you didn't hurt me is an outright lie,
You took my trust and ripped it up like paper…
Leaving me to cry after that stupid fight,
But I found myself still loving you even then.

I came after you like an abused puppy,
Hurt but yearning for your approval,
Coming back for more, even if you hurt me,
You are my caretaker; how can I leave you?

I guess that’s the funny thing about love,
You can’t help who you love, even if they hurt you…
You love no matter what and you pray, to the heavens above,
That the person you love may realize how loved they truly are.


The love between us is the type to bind,
Keeping us strong through it all,
I love you too much to leave you behind,
So, here I am, heart wide open for you.
Did my poem convey what I tried to do?
Yes. This was very emotional for me.
No. It's very good, but a bit more practice would help. Good though.
No. Just stop. You Suck.
Yes. This is amazing! You're amazingly talented!
It's good, but a bit of practice wouldn't hurt.
Published: 3/22/2012
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