Heroes World: Book 3 - Armistice (Chapter 8)

Draekon; Earth's strongest beast alive.
Chase has never been so thrilled to be covered in mud and sweat as he is now. Nearing his forties, the thin Australian basks in the glow of victory. Chase enters his home after winning a long game of Rugby with some friends. But winning is not the reason for his joy, he has just spent the entire day with his daughter.

"Yeah dad...we call that cheating." The teenaged Mikayla Edmonds jokes, having enjoyed the day also.

Chase laughs as they enter the house, playfully admitting his guilt. They drop off some bags before plopping down on the couch tired from today's events.

Most nineteen year olds do not want to spend time with their father. But Mikayla is different; she always loved hanging with her old man. Up until a few years ago the two had a healthy relationship, but when her parents broke up, she rarely saw her dad. Her mother often warned that her dad had a dark side, a side that could put them in danger.

" get cleaned up and I will make us some grub." Chase says, heading to the kitchen.

Things are different now. Chase Edmonds is far from having a dark side. He hardly keeps any secrets. The youth-pastor prefers calm days of spiritual reflection. He leads can-food drives for the under-privileged at the church. No one knows that the frail, mild mannered man can turn into an eight-foot tall monster in an instant.

Mikayla thinks it is cool. Her dad is one of the iconic Patriots, or he was. She often watches the now popular video of the Patriot's leader Kronos after the battle on the Mexico gulf coast. She is awestruck to see her dad in the background in his reptilian monster form.

Mikayla has never laid eyes on the beast in real life, but tonight she will. As wondrous as this day has been, it will end in bloodshed.


Tonight, the Edmonds have a visitor. Seemingly standing still in mid-air, a woman is all too eager to meet Chase. A torn cape-like poncho flaps in the wind. The garment is stitched with the mane of a lion, a trophy from a previous kill. Her dull grey eyes pierce from under a full-faced helmet. A helmet that was made in the style of the ancient Spartan warriors and tonight that is what she aims to be. Tonight she will prove her worth.

Tonight Alina will solidify her position as leader of the Hierarch's by taming the wild beast Draekon.

Casually wrapped in a blanket of gravitational currents Alina floats mid-air. She slowly descends with her full focus on the Edmonds' house. In addition to her intense combat training in the African desert, she decided to undergo cybernetic surgery.

Like her father and the rest of the leading members of the Hierarch's, Alina has been implanted with the infamous cybernetic or juice stimulant, giving her more enhanced powers. The procedure often leaves the user with gross side effects but not Alina. She spent a fortune for the best treatment available on the global black market. She was able to custom-pick her new power; telepathic perception.

In addition to the increased abilities that she received from the Helios Stem cell and her natural power over geo-magnetic currents, Alina now has powers of mind control. She has not yet mastered the ability, but she feels she has enough tools in her arsenal to topple the beast.

Alina was able to get the location of Mr. Edmonds through one of the many contacts and spies that work with the Hierarch's. Standing outside the small house, she is ready for a war. And her first step is to wake the sleeping beast. Chase Edmonds is known to be in control of his savage side. But Alina knows with the right push, she'll coax the animal out of him.

I see you have a guest this evening Mr. Edmonds. She thinks seeing a young woman in one of the bedrooms. And that's how I will get you to fight me.


Chase rummages through his refrigerator for something to eat. After a couple of minutes he decides on a couple of frozen meals. It's not the dinner he imagined for him and his daughter after such an amazing day, but it will do. He tosses the meals in the microwave and heads to the living room. He turns to last night's rugby game. The Sydney Roosters had a close match with Cronulla Sharks. For a few minutes, Chase gets lost in the game, relaxing. That is until he hears a faint thud.

The couch faces away from the front door and bedrooms. Still watching the game Chase half turns, but what he sees horrifies him.

"Father...." A blanked eyed Mikayla softly says.

The young girl stoically stands behind her father with a knife in her hand. Her face is devoid of any emotion; her eyes blankly stare as if she is sleepwalking. Chase gasps rising from his seat. But before he can call out to her she lifts the knife to her own throat.

"Don't move." She orders.

Her voice is calm, so calm that it is unnerving, unnatural. His heart races in pure fear. So many questions race through his mind; why and how could his daughter ever do something like this? She presses even harder, tearing into the skin. She doesn't even flinch as a thin rivulet of blood drips down her neck.

"Mikayla stop this! Why....what are you doing..." He says raising his hands, only now noticing a person behind his daughter. A tall woman slowly steps out. Before Chase can ask who the person is, he gets a strong feeling that she is responsible for Mikayla's actions.

The woman wears a metallic helmet, covering her face. The combat armor and fatigues tells Chase about this woman's intent. She is here for a fight, a fight that Chase does not want.

"Who are...what do you want?" He asks.

"I am Alina Veselov, daughter of Terminus Prime and the new leader of the Hierarch's." The woman declares stepping forward.

"They say that Draekon is the strongest among us. If that is true, I am here to kill the beast and become the Earth's strongest."

Chase's heart drops as it becomes clear, his violent past has caught up with him. Feelings of regret and shame mix with the already high tension. Again, his alter ego is threatening the life of his family.

" don't have to do this... my daughter is innocent. Please, leave her out of this."

Alina only laughs, standing besides the young Mikayla. She lays a hand on the girl's cheek, slowly caressing it. Alina must have physical contact with a subject to have the strongest connection to one's mind. The stronger the connection, the more control she can have, to the point of domination. She is now in total control of this young girl. She will use Mikayla to get Chase angry enough to unleash his inner beast.

"Its funny...I can see her innermost thoughts. Her naïve dreams and goals, and the strong love... for her father." Alina says staring at the girl, momentarily lost in her mind.

In that brief moment Chase has stepped closer. In turn, Mikayla pushes the knife deeper into her neck, making Chase panic. "Not another step." Mikayla threatens, obeying a silent command given by her captor.

"Bring forth the beast and I will not harm this girl." Alina firmly states. "I...I can't...he is getting too difficult to control. If I let him out...the rampages, the destruction...don't make me do this. Please let her go!" He pleads not realizing the tears that are now falling.

Alina sees but also feels the man's dire plight. Large waves of fear, pain, guilt and most of all, helplessness emanate from him. Alina can empathize; far too often she has been in his position. Far too often she has felt helpless. That is exactly how she felt when Draekon tore through the Hierarch's ship the Fatal Glory. Alina felt all too helpless, seeing the beast and the other heroes battle her father. However, she will feel helpless no more. She unsheathes her sword widening her stance.

"All will witness the life-saving pain of the Hierarch's." Alina affirms. With a nod of her head the order is given. Mikayla complies by burying the knife in her own throat. Chase bellows in sorrow as her body goes limp. He scurries to her, trying to close the wound. But it does not work.

In her father's arms, Mikayla Edmond's life vanishes.

Chase writhes in grief. He rocks back and forth crying aloud, holding his child's body. Feelings of shame, helplessness, fear, depression and most of all pain course through his mind and body. He has lost everything. Despair envelopes him. Earlier today he was a happy and proud father, now he is just a man. And the person responsible stands before him.

"You want the beast huh?" He chuckles.

Chase places Mikayla's body down, silently saying his final goodbyes. Then he gazes at the woman with a fire in his eye. For a split second Alina is startled, but she grits her teeth preparing for battle.

Chase's breathing picks up as he gives way to anger. He will no longer hold back the monster inside of him.

He no longer cares what happens to him or this wretched world.

"Kill her." He commands his alter ego, and the beast is happy to comply.

His body starts to swell, his muscles bubble and bulge. His skin color turns green and scales quickly surface. His brown eyes dilate, the pupils shrinking to a thin black sliver, before shining bright yellow. His body triples in size as the last remnants of Chase Edmonds dissipate.

The man's yells are drowned out by the beast's deafening roars.

Draekon, the mighty has been let loose.

Sorry for the wait, been busy with my comic books. Part 2 of the epic battle is on the way.
Published: 2/4/2017
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