Heroes World: Book 3 - Armistice (Chapter 9)

Alina Veselov battles Draekon the Mighty.
The entire metamorphosis takes a matter of seconds. The reptiles transformation alone destroys the living room and half of the house with a loud boom. Draekon snaps and snarls, its body filled with intense hate. It's only concern is to kill Alina.

Alina takes to the sky as the wild animal gives chase. She soars almost a hundred feet up in the night air. Not only does the beast jump up after her but it almost catches her. Its talon like nails scrap the bottom of her boot before falling back down.

At a safe distance the warrior sighs in relief, reformulating a plan of attack. For a moment she observes the beast as it thrashes back and forth. She marvels at the wild reptilian specimen; standing over twelve feet tall. The rumors are true; Draekon is far scarier in person.

She curls her fingers gathering magnetic currents. As if holding an invisible ball, she encases the rampaging beast and picks it up in the air. Then she thrust downward, sending the animal face first into the ground. She repeats this process over and over, shaking the earth with each pounding.

Draekon screams and growls trying to break free of Alina’s invisible grip. She grunts holding the beast at bay but continues to slam the animal. Over and over its body is thrown to the splintered ground. It takes almost two-dozen attempts before the beast bones finally break and it goes limp.

Did I do it…is it dead? She thinks after a moment when the beast stops moving.

Everything is still, Draekon lays motionless. Alina huffs catching her breath as beads of sweat rolls off her face. She lowers to the ground having completed her task.

What’s left of the house is a crumpled heap of splintered wood and concrete. Draekon sits in the center of the fray, its spine broken in multiple places.

Alina chuckles feeling victorious. As the animal moans with labored breaths Alina unsheathes her sword for the killing blow. Instead it rises up viciously biting her.

Draekon’s healing factors kick in, realigning the spine with audible clicks. In a second, the beast is back on its feet, savagely clawing and biting at its opponent. Being caught off guard Alina yells under the fury. Her body armor and outer clothes are torn. She desperately tries to protect herself, as the beast claws tear into her skin. A normal person would have been eviscerated instantly. But like most cyberneticly enhanced people Alina’s skin is almost as tough as steel. Even still, she cannot withstand the onslaught much longer.

She nearly panics as Draekon wraps its large jaws around her, catching her across the midsection. It lifts her off the ground swinging her back and forth. She screams when the teeth sink into her skin. Its large hand wraps around her leg wanting to pull her body apart.

Alina knows she is doomed.

Instinctively she grabs its jaws, but her left hand brushes alongside the animal’s snout. In that instant she telepathically connects with it. She and the beast both pause for a second, surprised by the sudden connection. Seeing her way to victory Alina doubles in.

She grips the beast face diving into its consciousness.


Alina is thrown into a cacophony of intense savage emotion. She floats in a void of wild urges; fear, danger and a strong need to feed. She is covered with images of gouging on flesh… warm delicious flesh, more …more…. She finds herself being pleased by the sensation of not only chasing prey but catching it, then sinking its teeth into it.

Soo good…. She echo’s while living Draekon’s vivid memory’s.

A painful cry alerts Alina. She finds herself perched over the body of a mangled gazelle. Her hands and face covered in the prey’s blood. Alina now realizes that it is not Draekon’s memory’s she is seeing, but these are now her own. Her mind has somehow merged with it. She shuts her eyes with a yell, forcing herself to focus.

You are Alina Veselov….Alina! I am in control… She chants and it soon works. The beast fades away.

This time when she opens her eyes she is on a beach. Her feet crunch on the deep, blue-colored sand. The water before her is black. She then gets the overwhelming sense of sorrow wafting off the black waters.

She steps forward into the lake being compelled to enter it. Something or someone is calling to her. The waters quickly rise from her ankles to her waist. Then she sees someone at the center of the lake. She makes out the image of a man, a thin man. Even though the man hands cover his face Alina can tell that this is Chase Edmonds. She raises a hand to call out to him. When she does he looks up with bright yellow eyes.

Then, water splashes pushing Alina back. She scurries backwards as a large gate rises before her. Thick iron like bars crisscross in the form of a gigantic cage. The bars stretch farther than she can see.

She sits at the front of the cage now, unsure what’s inside. However she can tell it’s a primal energy. Soon she sees that the beast Draekon is inside, its large yellow eyes burn with intensity.

"He hates it in there." A somber Chase Edmonds says, suddenly appearing next to Alina.

Chase looks up to the cage. He places a hand on one of the large bars, which brings the beast forward. It slams head first against the gate. It snarls, chomps and bites at the cage, furiously wanting to get out.

Alina is conflicted, even though she is terrified she wants to let the beast out. Not that she is sorry for the animal but she feels its pain; the pain of being trapped in this small puny man’s body.

Let me out…. She whispers, then shocked by her own words.
Chase laughs. "He’s your problem now." He says with an evil grin before disappearing.

The cage loudly clangs under the beast clamoring to get out. No! Alina cries as the gate begins to crack. With both hands she holds the gate. She tries to focus her mind, urging the beast to stay still.

"I am Alina Veselov, You will obey me!"

At first it works. The beast whimpers back with a yelp. But it defiantly snarls. She can feel its hate for her, the hate it once had for Chase. However he is gone, and with him the beast connection to humanity. Before her eyes the animal grows. It swells to an even greater size. She stands before an animal as tall as a building and she knows she cannot hold it for long.

This won't work….I…can't control it. She says turning to leave. Alina cannot beat the beast from within.
Alina soars upward, unhinging herself from the animals mind. Flashes of memory’s and emotions wiz by as colors as she reconnects to reality.


Alina’s eyes open as she comes to.

She finds herself standing in front of Draekon with both hands on its head. The beast grunts and begins to cry out. It awkwardly kneels in front of her, its body trembling under her command. But her command of the animal is failing. Both physical and mental attacks have not worked. If she is to win this battle she must act quickly. Or more viciously… She thinks.

"You will not beat me." She says with a new sense of hate. She snarls letting her anger overflow.
"I will not be defeated! She yells releasing the physical and mental grip sending the animal into motion.

Both she and the reptilian beast roar at each other. Each predator steps around the other in a semi circle, snarling and snapping. Alina unknowingly mirrors the animal’s primal attack mode; her teeth showing, wanting to devour, her fingers curled ready to scratch.

Normally a human’s fingernails pales in comparison to the razor-sharp claws that Draekon has. But as it charges it finds out just how sharp Alina’s nails are. Subconsciously the Russian woman has gathered magnetic currents, spiraling it into long thin points around her finger.

They slash at each other but Alina’s attack lands first. Her invisible talons cut deep furrows in Draekon’s green scales. The beast shrieks in pain and tumbles to the side.

Alina roars so loud that it hurts her throat. It is only then that she is snapped out of her primal rage. Wha…what am I doing…. She thinks trying to comprehend what happened.

She pauses only for an instant but it is long enough for the beast to get back to its feet. Still leaking, the animal pushes past its pain to again attack its foe. But a clearer headed Alina takes to the sky.

She floats high above the remains of the Edmonds house, briefly puzzled by her actions. She replays what just happened. The images of rage and gore flash in her minds eye, much like it did while she was telepathically connected to it. In there; she knew those images of gore were from the beast, but now these images feel like her own. That thought soon proves true as she notices someone is close by.

Alina turns ready to attack the intruder but gasp upon recognizing the person. Before her is a thin girl seated in a hover chair. Her pale face and hair lean to the side, silently proclaiming how helpless she is.

No! Alina yells. She screams with a wave of her hand trying to get rid of the image of her younger self.
I am not helpless! I am strong! I am a warrior! She affirms trying to get control.

In the back of her mind she knows that a part of the beast’s persona has imprinted onto her making her primal. But she no longer cares. She roars, straining her voice dispelling all notions of fear and hesitation. A large cyclone of magnetic current surrounds her. So much so that it becomes visible in the night air.

You! You did this to me!
She thrust her hands below sending a tidal wave of energy. The beast screams of battle turn to pain as Alina strikes.

She curls her fingers seemingly grabbing the earth itself. The ground shakes violently and then separates creating a chasm. Draekon begins to fall into the mouth like crater as Alina smashes it shut, spewing rock and dust upwards. She opens the chasm for a brief moment and then smashes it closed again.

She repeats this process, replenishing and strengthening the chasms walls with more hard rock and boulders. Each time she brings the rocky walls in on Draekon with a thunderous boom. She shuts her eyes and she roars, smacking her hands together orchestrating the massacre.


After a couple of minutes she finally stops the assault. Alina huffs, her body pushed to the limits. A large cloud of smoke blankets the area. She floats to the ground, her muscles aching with fatigue. She falls to her knees somewhat expecting the beast to suddenly rise and attack. But nothing happens, everything is still.

When the dust settles the destruction she causes becomes clear. A splintering peak of rocks and debris point upward, peppered with the remains of Draekon.

She has killed the beast; the most powerful cybernetic being on the planet has fallen at the hands of Alina Veselov.

But she doesn’t celebrate. She doesn’t feel triumphant at all; the only thing she feels is the anger. It isn’t until a long bead of saliva falls from her chin that she realizes she is snarling. Her face is contorted into a growl with her teeth showing. It takes her a moment to regain herself. She closes her eyes trying to steady her breathing.

When she calms down, she stands upright. The night air hits her face cooling her body. Now it begins to register what she has accomplished. She has proven herself to be strong enough to lead. No longer is Alina in the shadow of her father. She is now a leader, a fit leader to rule.

Alina walks to the beast body, pulling it from the rubble. "You’re a fowl looking creature… but you’ll make a nice trophy." She utters with a smile.

With her fingers she gathers energy around the beasts head, but then notices approaching police sky-cars. She prepares to fly away, wanting to escape before they arrive.

Wait…I do not need to run. Not anymore. She thinks turning to face the oncoming authorities.

"I will no longer run. I have ascended, Alina Veselov has been reborn. I am Lord Infamous leader of the Hierarch’s. It's time the whole world knows its savior!"


This ends the first part of this book. I hope to be uploading more chapters regularly this year, just not enough time in the day. Thanks for reading.
Published: 3/14/2017
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