Heroes World - Chapter 1

"Wow, the man of my dreams." K.S. mutters.
This city of Philadelphia has a Hero that is busy at work in the campaign against evil. K.S. smiles as she snaps her helmet in place running towards her prey’s hangout. The gang known as the ‘Blood Knights’ has decided to expand their empire and K.S. is going to put a stop to that. Scaling from rooftop to rooftop, she is clad in light battle armor and armed for combat, chambering her custom old school Colt .38 super.

K.S soars through the air and smashes through a bay window of the unsuspecting gang's hideout. The gang is in shock and duck, not realizing what’s going on. K.S. tosses smoke bombs, further confusing things. The gang grabs their guns, firing wildly not being able to properly see. Thanks to the night vision in her visor K.S. does not have that problem. She moves quickly through the loft, taking down each thug. Kicking one and punches another, spinning then down one across the room. They yell in a panic, unable to stop K.S.’ assault. She takes down everyone with ease, even T-Doc, the so-called leader huddles on the ground scared. Before the smoke clears, all are down within minutes of her thrashing entrance.

In an Heroes tradition, K.S. begins to handcuff each of the gang members with zip ties. Everything she’s done tonight is like her mentor’s methods. She reloads the rubber bullet magazine in her gun, satisfied with her results. ‘No one dies on our watch.’ the words of her mentor echo. Then she hears a snap.

K.S. notices that one of her captures has gotten loose. The leader T-Doc is standing, violently shaking. He lets off a loud roar and K.S. curses knowing exactly what is going on.

"Oh, great… a Juice-head."
K.S. changes to live rounds and fires at the now transforming T-Doc. The first couple of bullets hit their mark, but get lodge in T-docs skin. The rest ping off his body as his skin becomes like concrete. The thug grows a little, screaming. Billy packs up her gun, knowing it is no longer useful. She thought she had done plenty of research on this small gang, not thinking they could get their hands on steroid stimulants, or ‘Juice’.

"Gonna killlsssss yoouuu!" T-Doc hisses.
The thugs features begin to change, his chin elongates, sprouting slimy tendrils as his eyes bulge.
"Wow, the man of my dreams." K.S. mutters.

Methylestradiol Nolva-17A is an advanced formula on nanometallic steroids, giving the user super-strength, with uncanny features. This common gangbanger is now a superpowered freak.

However this is nothing really new; Billy fought monsters in her dreams and in real life numerous times over the years. She smiles springing into action, excited to battle a now worthy opponent.

The freak T-Doc spits furry, black lobs, which drip green, acid-like saliva. The brave K.S. cartwheels, moving to strike back. To counter-act superpowered deviants, K.S. has a collection of special devices and gadgets that can even the odds. She grabs a dart, and flings it. T-Doc blocks with his now hairy forearm but the dart injects liquid nitrogen, freezing his arm to the bone. The thug screams as K.S. slides on electric brass knuckles and goes on the offensive.

The fight is brutal; K.S. is hit across her chest armor, sending her tumbling.
K.S. stares down her foe, plotting. The only thing she has left is one smoke bomb, a gun, and a heavy tranquilizer dart. T-Doc attacks not giving K.S. time to think, he flings more acid fur balls with his only good arm. She begins to dodge but gets tackled.

"Gottscchaaaaa!!" He says roaring like a wild animal.
"Say it, don’t spray it."
They wrestle for a bit, and K.S. drops the Tranq dart, but not the gun. K.S. shoves her gun in T-Docs bulbous eyes and fires 3 rounds. He yells spewing blood, grabbing his face. Not missing the opportunity, K.S. hops to the fallen dart, grabs and throws it in one motion. The dart sinks in T-Docs open mouth choking the thug. His gargling yells are soon silent, as the tranquilizer kicks in and his body falls, ending the fight.

Billy smiles while regaining herself. She can see from the lights outside that the police have arrived. It's time to go, and she moves her way out of the loft, jumping out of the window from which she came. K.S. strikes again.


As the sky lanes start to thin above the City, the Hero takes a much-needed break. K.S. takes off her helmet, taking in the late night air. She smiles as the fog of adrenaline fade, proud of her work. The passionate vigilante takes a seat, perched on a branch in one of the City's lavish rooftop parks. This is where she usually ends her night, overlooking the concrete village of a city.

The twenty something vixen has dedicated her life to the never-ending battle. Most girls her age are in college, hopping from party to party and carousing the mall. Billy Costigan is a different kind of girl. She is armed with the same athletic prowess that her Samoan dad had, a title holding pro-fighter. Also gifted with an iron-clad sense of duty that her Hispanic mother had.

Among the world's many modern-day technology, vast improvements in biological enhancements have spawned people with super abilities. Most of the superpowered turned to a deviant life of crime, overwhelming the authorities in the U.S. and worldwide. A group of heroic vigilantes became ‘The Patriots’. Billy looked up to these people, vowing to become one.

She thinks back to that day in the corner store, and how her life was forever changed. Little Billy knew what she wanted to do in life. School books and attending pep rallies wasn’t enough, she dove head first into the war against evil. The mysterious hero known as ‘Slayer’ was the one who saved her that day. Slayer took the promising young Billy under his wing, teaching her everything he knew and Kid Supreme was born.


Chapter 2 is on the way. (Thanks again Rabiya)
Published: 3/5/2014
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