Heroes World - Chapter 12

K.S. will make the biggest decision of her life. Can she trust the Senator.
The Senator and his guest make their way inside an office building a couple of hours before sunrise. Billy follows the mysterious politician inside the empty office space. They reach the top floor to an area that has been sectioned off for renovations. Half of the level contains things for construction purposes; the other half has a couple of large crates and terminal that oddly sits out of place.

"Philadelphia has become a safer city in recent months. I noticed reports of a armored hero running around, then watched as the cities brutal turf wars slowly die down." Lennox says without looking at Billy. He knows the young woman was waging a one-man war on crime in that city. She doesn't respond, only stands behind him with her arms folded, wearing a black shirt, jeans, and jacket.

"I am sure you know who this is." Lennox says as he activates the terminal.
Many small holo-screens pop up showing documents, dossiers and arrest warrants of a convict named Manuel 'Mac-Ten' Gutierrez.

"Mac-Ten is the leader of the major gang known as Blood Knights. With their ranks dwindling the underboss T-doc was sent out to recruit and expand their ranks, but it seems you put a stop to that." Lennox pauses and catches a proud smirk from the young Billy.

"Glad you like my work." Billy replies openly admitting what she did only a couple of months earlier. "Once I heard he was setting up shop in Philly, I had to stop him. Thrashed the whole gang and T-Doc myself."

"And I have made sure he will stay imprisoned. Gutierrez and his Blood Knights were connected with a couple of crooked ATF agents." Lennox mentions as matching holo-screens scroll, confirming his words.

"In the past, these crooked authorities would bail out Gutierrez or his men. However, I am in a unique position to expose the bad agents. Federal charges are being conducted on the guilty ones as we speak."

Billy steps forward being greatly interested. "I'm sure that makes you very popular, ratting out feds." She jokingly says.

Lennox ignores the comment and enlarges a tab on one of the screens pulling up a live video feed.

"When you got T-doc arrested, Gutierrez broke out of a psychiatric facility to take control of his crumbling gang empire. I tracked and followed his whereabouts. He's here in Boston."

From underneath the terminal, Lennox pulls out a large suitcase and opens it. Inside is a small weapons cache, complete with body armor.

"I need your help to put Gutierrez back in jail, so that this time, he will stay there." Lennox asks while taking off his suit jacket, and rolls up the sleeves on his primed white shirt.

Billy laughs exhaustively running a hand over her face.

"You publicly condemned vigilantes by day while being one by night." She says finally understanding who Lennox really is.

She paces around for a second, utterly floored by the situation, shocked at the clever politician and how he works. She is no longer mad at his deception or his invasion into her life, she actually respects him.

Her deep thoughts pause as he opens another crate. "As promised, I got your belongings."

The crate opens and inside is her sword, armor, and her data-mech Ratchet in a sleep mode. Billy holds in a gasp, starring at the uncanny man before her, shaking her head in disbelief.

"If the bad guys have feds and crooked cops helping them, then so should the good guys." He says smiling as he slides on an armored vest and then places a strange electronic glove on his left hand preparing himself for battle.

Billy is blown away by this Senator's risky actions and is greatly impressed. So many of the criminals that she works hard to capture are soon released due to some loophole in the law. It's like a never-ending battle, no sooner than they are arrested they post bail. If there's a person in power on the legal side to ensure the criminal stays imprisoned it cuts her workload in half. 'It's brilliant' she says to herself.

"Kid, you're sure you want to do this?" He strangely asks putting her on the spot.
She fights to hold in an excited smile, weirdly feeling comfortable with her new friend. She glides to the crate grabbing her sword, and then looks the man in his eyes.
"Frakk yeah."


Mac-Ten is jolted from his drugged laced sleep. Two loud crashes wake him from a unidentifiable dream causing him to sit up in a daze, unsure what is going on. One of the prostitutes shrieks making his head throb in pain. He gives way to a full panic, thinking he is still in lockup. When he hears gunfire it triggers his memory bringing back to the present. 'Frakking cops found me' he thinks reaching for his gun.

Mac-Ten finds his gun just as he spots the intruders in the loft. He sees two figures as the lights go out, darkening the room. The panicked screams of his friend's leaves him frozen in fear. He unsuccessfully tries to find the threat, aimlessly shooting. The moments drag out like an eternity.

When the screams and commotion begin to subside, Mac-Ten realizes he is the last one standing. He slowly turns upon hearing a faint hum, and then sees one of the intruders. The masked figure holds up his glowing left hand. The next instant the ground beneath Mac-Ten begins to crumble then he floats defying gravity. He is tossed upwards slamming into the ceiling and remains there for a second. Mac-Ten tries to scream but falls, thrashing to the floor. His whole body is racked in pain as he passes out.


The two intruders make their exit as the police arrive. On a nearby rooftop the duo watch as the fugitive and his companions are arrested. The Hero K.S. may have found a new ally in this politician. She takes off her helmet standing near the senator as he observes the police. Lennox pulls off the simple ski mask he wore to conceal his identity then heroically stands.

"Swag gravity glove you got there." Billy says waking the senator from his thoughts.
"Perks of the job. Prototype from a new line of tech for the military." He calmly says turning.

He stands in a shadow line obscuring his face, but in this moment it's the first time that Billy truly sees him. It hits her like a brick wall, putting a knot in her stomach. She knows who he is, feeling embarrassingly dumb for not immediately recognizing him the moment they met. Instinctively she knew when she saw the senator fight.

Billy looks at the man before her holding back tears. A thousand things that she has wanted to say come crashing to the surface, but she remains quiet.

He walks forward and grabs her by the shoulder. He smiles silently confirming her thoughts.

"Sorry I didn't come back for you sooner kid." Lennox says embracing her. Billy begins to cry.


She is finally reunited with her teacher, mentor and closest friend, Avery.
"My battle with American X left my face disfigured... and after the plastic surgery I didn't recognize myself. Avery died that day." He says after a long tearful moment.

She pulls away as those memories flood back.

"If you were..." Is all she can muster and he quickly responds.

"You were strong and grew to be a even stronger woman and a fantastic Hero. You are everything I knew you would be." He proudly says.

The words don't calm the storm, but it does help. She looks back at him glad and yet angry, sad but joyful, a swirl of emotions. She tries to express herself, but stops not wanting to appear weak.

"My offer still stands kid. What do you say?" He says extending a hand.

Billy blushes taking a step back. A war wages within herself, for five years she was alone, but all that seems like a distant memory now. She starts to think rationally, wanting to be mature and make the best decision. However that line of thought quickly fades also. After a long moment, she gives in.

There is no use fooling herself. Avery was her only friend and family, he made her strong molding her into the Hero that she is today. He was there for her when no one else was and for that she is forever grateful. Billy silently vows to follow Avery to the ends of the earth if he ever asked.

"Frakk yeah." She says.

Slayer and Kid Supreme are back.

End of Part 1


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Published: 3/29/2014
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