Heroes World - Chapter 13

The fabulous life and times of Senator Noah Lennox.
Today, the flock of bloodthirsty ravens has returned. Some of the carnivorous birds speak to their victim Ryan Tubb while the others feed on his entrails. Since these creatures are his only companions, he happily converses with them. However today, they are not so talkative, only chanting, " me... chase me."

He has lost track of how long he has been in solitary confinement. As always, when he asks the creatures how they got into his cell they fly away, leaving him all alone. The medication that the staff forces him to take has reduced the vivid and lifelike hallucinations but not eliminated them. The next minute blur into days or even longer.

The man known as American X is a ward, of the ADX-3 Florence Ultra-Max, a federal prison specifically designed to house 'juiced-up' criminals with enhanced powers. He is serving three consecutive life sentences for what he did in Eldorado Texas.

Tubb's remaining paralyzing eye is now normal, the other permanently damaged from his battle with a female masked hero. His once sharp fingernails are now harmless stubs, making him a model prisoner. Improvements in anxiolytics keep even the most monstrous offender mild and tame, nullifying their powers and extraordinary abilities.

It's been almost two years since the night in Texas. In between his torturous hallucinations he often thinks about his battle with the two Heroes. He giggles as he recalls the events still fresh in his mind. Tubb loves the chase, battling someone that's his equal. To him, killing isn't fun; it's a way to calm the overpowering voices in his mind that pester him. However when he kills a 'Hero', he and the voices are happy.

Tubb's previous kills have gained him some popularity. His cell is cluttered with mail from adoring people, his growing fan base. At times he writes back to his needy pen pals, but that doesn't really interest him. He longs to once again fight a brave hero, to be locked in an epic battle to the death, to him that is the only way to live. Life is to savagely die by the hands of your greatest enemy.


One day as the bird's claw at his flesh, a guard interrupts and escorts him to the visitation wing. Tubb isn't surprised to see that one of his adoring fans has paid him a visit.

A chubby young male that stinks of weakness plops down before Tubb, stuttering about his utter respect for him. Tubb tolerates these visits to simply pass the time. As the man talks, Tubb secretly laughs while the ravens pick at his ear, chanting 'chase me...' Tubb is baffled at how the fat man doesn't seem to notice the birds or his bleeding wounds.

"...they won't be able to chase you, they won't ever find you." The birds say and it catches his attention.

Tubb then realizes it's the words of the man, asking him to repeat what was said.
"My friends and I can help you escape. I have uploaded your inspiring letters to the net, and many people are moved, eager to assist you in your quest to... be chased." The young man nervously says.

He further details his employment at the law firm that defended Tubb during his brief trial. Which puts him in a unique position to help Tubb.

He becomes highly interested, blessing the young man as his honored follower. "You and your friends would become my closest companions in my quest to a real life." Tubb says repositioning the patch over his right eye, then gives a evil smirk silently agreeing to the man's request.

"Your sacrifices for me will yield a rich reward, because you will be by my side in an eternal bliss." Tubb says putting a hand on the thick plastic divider. He blesses his follower, ushering the beginning of something dark.


The classical gold tapestries, bronze statues and elegant adornment of our nations State Capitol almost look out of place in this modern age. The eastern end of the National Mall is strikingly different than the rest of Washington DC, being void of towering buildings. The clutter of sky-lane traffic is far from Capitol Hill. The rustic landscape shows our nation's historic pride.

On this Friday early afternoon, the senate convenes for the fifth day in a row. Today the Senate's chamber is as it was over eighty years ago. One hundred desks, one for each senator sits in the middle of a multi-tiered semicircular platform. The Senate floor itself is overlooked on all four sides by a gallery on the second and third floor. A large sitting area has a lounging place for the supporting staff of the Senators. Mostly secretaries and assistants wait here while the senate convenes.

A half dozen secretaries surround a long-haired woman. The head of the famous Senator Lennox's security talks of her visit to a red carpet celebrity event. The woman wears an expensive black suit, with her long golden brown hair draped over her chest. Billy Costigan laughs being the center of attention, telling her story. That is till her data mech Ratchet floats over informing her of an incoming message. Moments later Billy excuses herself while glancing at the message.

The Heroic Billy has a new life, and her attire reflects that. She repositions her glasses then checks the time. She must attend an impromptu meeting, then return before the senate finishes.

Moments later she approaches the semi-crowded Capitol's Rotunda area. Tourists slowly march around observing the historic art and statues. Moments later she spots a familiar face and is pleasantly surprised.

"Thought I'd surprise you, keep you company while you wait." A tall man named Eric says. Billy gives him a warm hug and kiss, being glad to see him.

It's been over six months since this government analyst swept Billy off her feet. She was smitten by the Ivy League Eric St. John. He is the only man not turned off by her tough guy persona. After a couple of dates, he fell for the light-browned skin vixen.

He perfectly integrates into her life, adding to her happiness. The young couple walks around the rotunda holding hands, enjoying each other's company.

Billy's life is totally different from two years ago. The long nights of parading through dark streets and scaling rooftops are replaced with formal meetings with political elite. Even though she loved her fast-paced lifestyle, she doesn't regret joining Lennox on the political front.

Meeting Eric is an bonus; he has a good heart and truly loves Billy. He is also very understanding of her demanding schedule with the Senator.

Minutes fly by and the lovers must part. "Am I gonna have to dress up for this dinner tonight? Will any mayors or D.O.D counselors be there?" Eric asks.

"Nope, just the family. You can wear one of those hideous Christmas sweaters if you like." Billy replies with a laugh walking off.


The massive crowd of senators exit the chamber. The Republican representative of Maryland, Noah Lennox, is eager to leave the capitol building. He thinks of his wife and daughter, then all the work that he and his masked partner has to do, when a fellow congresswoman approaches him.

He makes small talk with a relic of a woman, the senator of Delaware. He expounds on an issue that had most of the dignitaries at odds. Noah isn't paying much attention to the older woman; feeling taxed from the weeklong senate meetings.

"Your quick rise to fame has plateaued, the cape-killer senator is old news now." The woman says with her head lowered, her words finally catching Lennox's attention.

"Still, you had a good run, even made the head of the Homeland committee."
"I'm sorry congresswoman but you talk as if my career is over." Noah says straining to be polite.

The two face each other. The senator from Delaware is an older black woman with a head full of white hair and speaks with a rude precision.

"I'm just saying you have done good for a 'gimmick' politician. Hunnie, I've been on Capitol Hill a long time. Most of these suits sit around, collect a government check and have no real passion to make anything better in this nation. The youngsters like you don't stay long, being too busy with their own agenda." She calmly says with a smile.

Lennox is offended; he tenses up, unsure how to proceed. The old senator step forward and places a hand on Lennox's stomach.

"Do not take it personal, but you don't belong here. I've noticed a fire in you, the same fire I had twenty years ago. Leave politics, get out there and do some real good, before the red carpets and fancy ballroom dinners lull you into a slumber of low productivity." She instructs then walks away, leaving Lennox speechless. He is lost in thought; the woman's words strike him causing him to wonder how much good has he really done in his political career?

"That's great advice, she told me the same a couple of years ago, and I haven't looked back." The heavyset man Elliot Stabler says approaching.

Stabler would often be found here among the throng of Senators while he was one, but his career took another path. He is now active in corporate speaking and community organizations. Stabler is the shining star of the Republican Party but more than that; he is a friend to Lennox.

"I've done more work outside senate hall than in." He says as the two men catch up. In many ways he put Lennox on the path to politics.

Stabler shares the same bare-knuckle approach to the nation policies as Lennox does. He is unafraid to get his hands dirty while remaining in contrast moral and Lennox deeply respects him for that.

"I would assume you are busy with starting your campaigning for presidency." Lennox utters with a smile, pleased to see a friend but still stirred from the congresswoman's talk.
"Let's get to the Republican National Convention first." Stabler responds brushing off the comment. "Noah, you're the better man for that job."

"Heck yeah. I would be an awesome Secret Service Agent." Lennox's head of security says as she arrives.

Billy warmly greets Mr. Stabler. She always enjoys spending time with the former Senator, since being brought into Lennox's life.

The three chat outside the Senate's Chamber among the historic statues and images of great relics of America's history, none of them knowing that they will shape the future of this country for a greater good.

However they are unaware of the darkness they will soon face.


Billy is in grave danger. She ducks behind a couch while taking heavy fire from the heroic AwesomeGirl. Billy has been shot in her left leg and isn't moving. The last styrofoam bullets in her gun is jammed and won't fire. Out of options, Billy raises her hands in defeat, giving up. AwesomeGirl hops around the couch and tackles Billy.

"I got you, I got you!" The young Nicole Lennox says, playfully wrestling with Billy.

They laugh together while waiting to eat dinner. Eric comes to the girl's rescue and tickles Billy. Senator Lennox simply laughs watching from the dining room.

The Lennox family is having a quiet meal at their condo outside DC. Billy is extremely close with the family. Nicole enjoys spending time with Billy, looking up to her. The five gather at the table over a large spread of takeout food from a nearby restaurant. Eric is new to the group, but they have fully accepted him into the fold. They laugh having a picture perfect evening.

Later, Lennox has business and must take a late flight, cutting the evening short, so he and Billy gather their things. Lennox tucks his daughter in bed, cherishing these moments, happy to be a father.

He recalls the day when Natalie told him of their 'child to be'. He had become lost in this identity and knew attachment was a bad idea for a Hero. A child was not planned, popping up when he was about to return to his old life. However in this moment peering into his daughter's eyes, he is glad he stayed.

He says his goodbyes and exit the house, being conflicted. He has always put his duty above anything else, but now his duty can possibly jeopardize his family. In the past, this sort of deep connection is something that Avery wouldn't do.

"If we don't have strong ties to anyone like a family, then no one will get hurt by our work. There's nothing wrong with having friends and close ones, but we must keep them at a distance, in case our enemies try to use them against us. The life of a Hero can be a very lonely one, but it's a small sacrifice for the greater good."

Is something he remembers telling Billy many years ago, but now his own life doesn't reflect his words. He has worked hard to set up this Lennox identity and so far it is very beneficial. He misses the old days, but he has grown to enjoy the fine suits and the prestigious lifestyle of a politician.

Avery is gone, Noah Lennox is here to stay.


I'm back. If you're still reading, thank you. Butterfly I hope you like the story's new direction, and fasten your seat belt bcuz the story may take a dark turn. I hope you enjoy.
Published: 4/23/2014
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