Heroes World - Chapter 6

K.S. and Jessica D must battle the sadistic American X.
The man known as American X makes his way from the main house. He gives a simple laugh tossing the severed hand of the third wife of the McDaniel family in a nearby bush. His skin is discolored, pale almost gray, which is a side effect of the ‘Juice’ steroid that gives him enhanced powers. His body is marked with the icons of the many white supremacists groups that he has belonged to over the years. He has been an enforcer, hired assassin, and underboss in the organization. However, he no longer pledges allegiance to them, not to anyone. He has outgrown the clan. Their outdated ways now bore him.

Ryan Tubb is pure chaos, anarchy mixed with bloodlust. The near nation wide clan is still too small minded for him. Even toying with the McDaniel family has lost its appeal. He glances upwards in the night sky, secretly wishing for an old companion to return, hushing the many voices in his head.

"They should be here any minute boss." One of the skinheads says, causing Tubb to frown being woken from his daydream.

Tubb finds himself near the horse stables, with the rest of his band of merry men. They fill him in on the arrival of their clansmen.

On orders from the Neo-Nazi top brass, Tubb is escorting a shipment of stolen weapons from over the border. This area of South Texas is a major train route for transporting weapons, drugs, and other black market merchandise. Even though it goes against everything the Nazi’s stand for, they have been working with the Mexican cartels.

Soon, their associates will pick up the weapons and Tubb will escort the weapons to the east coast. He has set up here at the ranch, wanting to stay hidden from local ATF agents. The FLDS members are separate from the rest of the modern world, making this a perfect hiding place.

Tubb has been given a lot of meaningless task like this. He views it as punishment. The organization feels he owes them for saving him five years ago, and keeping him out of prison.

"Good, I’m ready to leave this boring…" Tubb begins to say to the goon, but a hysterical laugh, that only he hears diverts his attention.

He soon joins in on the laugh, putting his blood-soaked hand over his mouth. The others take a shocked step back with a confused look. The weird silence continues for minutes, making things eerie. These guys have heard about the infamous American X. Tales of his murderous acts are proven true, as they witness him slowly killed members of the McDaniel’s family simply for fun.

Soon, two sky-trucks slowly arrive at the ranch. Once parked, the men bring out large crates, and begin to load them up. The group now numbers eight, as a husky man approaches Tubb. Edwards is his name, he served with Tubb as an underboss, many years back.

"Didn’t know they would send you." Edwards says. The sight of Tubb makes Edwards shiver, taking a step back.

"Eddy… Eddy … Eddy," Tubb whispers, staring at him with a smile. "‘unstable’ is what you said. ‘You ain't the same, brotha’ is what you told me!" Tubb yells with a glow in his eyes, causing the others to stop.

Edwards beings to shake, and tries to go for his gun but is frozen in fear.
"You had me booted, kicked out as a boss." Tubb says grabbing Edward is by the face tackling him to the ground. His nails grow and extend to a razor-sharp point, digging into Edward's skin. He screams for his life.

"The Nazi’s are stupid, and annoying. I'm going to gut each and every one of those ‘bosses’ starting with you, Eddy."

Tubb gives into the demands of the voices in his head and painfully kills Edwards. His nails begin to grow over three inches and he slashes the man’s face to a bloody mess. The others point their guns, unsure of what to do. Tubb stands ready to pounce on each of them but is knocked over. Someone has taking action to stop this.


Jessica has been painfully watching from above, floating in mid-air. She hovers over the criminals awaiting a signal from K.S., confirming that she has rescued the remaining family members. The lights from the barn gave her a perfect view of the criminals below.

The minutes have been torturous, seeing the sadistic American X alive. In the past, Jessica accompanied Slayer to battle the lunatic, so she knows what he is capable of. She is in a rage at the man who took her first and only love away.

Jessica barely noticed the arrival of the two sky-trucks, or the equipment being loaded. All she sees is Tubb, and when he tackles some guy killing him, its springs her into action.

"Engaging target." Jessica says with a growl into her borrowed com line. K.S. responds, but she doesn’t listen. Jessica D will battle American X alone.


Tubb’s body tumbles for a few yards, Jessica flies in low behind him. She grabs him by the face and slams it in the ground a half-dozen times. She is stopped as a couple of the goons fire at her. The bullets rip through her shirt pinging off her skin, irritating her more than anything.

"Leave, or you're next!" She yells.

The men comply scurrying to their sky-trucks and speed away, but the disruption gives Tubb a chance to attack. He rears up with a growl, cutting Jessica. She counters with a thunderous punch to his nose, blurring his vision. While dazed, she grabs him, then flies towards the barn, slamming him against the outside wall.

Moments later he tries to stand but she hits him with a long, two-foot thick piece of wooden frame. His body skitters through a divider wall, sending the horses in a panic. Jessica slowly floats, following her evil foe, wanting to punish him.

"You're sick Tubb. You have killed a lot of people, innocent people and people I was close to. It's time you get what you deserve."

"Pr… pretty… brunette… I rem…ber...You're a Patriot!" Tubb says happy, with a bloody grin. He picks himself up staring with glowing red eyes.

Jessica turns her head away but Tubb jumps tackling her in midair. As they crash below he wildly slashes, growling and spitting, getting his blood all over her. He wrestles her as she keeps her eyes close. He claws at her lower leg, sinking his nail in. She shrieks in a panic, and meets his red-eyed gaze.

"There’s a good girl." He whispers.

Jessica goes still, barely able to move. She grunts and curses as he calmly caresses her face. He and every voice in his head laugh in excitement, finally face to face with a Hero.

"I have been bored like crazy, waiting for something exciting to happen. You have such nice… ears, and… eyelids." He says drooling a little and then tickles her all over her body laughing.

"Can you tickle me next?" A voice says from behind.

Tubb barely hears it over his manic thoughts, only seeing a dark shadow. Then he yells in pain as something sharp sinks into his right eye.

"I guess he sees my point." K.S. says stepping in.


K.S. sprints in a wide path along the back of the main house. Invisible to everyone near the barn, she easily makes an entrance, and nears the heat signatures of the McDaniel family.

"‘You rescue the family and get them to safety’." Billy mockingly says as she enters the main living room, being irritated about her assignment.

She has come all this way to deal with American X, not to be stuck on damage control. This reminds her of her days with Slayer, it's the only thing that she doesn’t miss about him. She always had to rescue hostages or some other menial task while Slayer had all the fun.

However, as she enters the kitchen her thoughts are silenced. Flies hover over the stove and table as she sees a horrifying scene. Dismembered body parts have been prepared and are ready to be cooked. She pops open her face shield on her helmet as she gags. She pauses, taken over by grief at these senseless killings.

Yells from outside stir her into motion. Billy clips the shield down, activating the head-up display in her helmet and follows the heat signatures. Along the way are more bodies; some are men, some children.

She finally finds the survivors in a bedroom closet.
"Come on. You guys are safe." K.S. says to the six survivors, two women and four children.

They cower behind her, she leads them out the back of the house. Once outside, they pause in their tracks and they see a floating mech.

"Members of the McDaniel family, please follow me. A sky-car awaits, and I will escort you to safety." Ratchet says leading the family away. K.S. turns towards the action, hearing Jessica mention over the com that she is engaging the target.


When she sees the torn barn, she knows her pal Jessica is kicking tail. She kneels outside the barn making adjustments. A holo grid on her armband lights up, she types, inputting some commands. Through the sounds of crashing, she then hears Tubb’s laughter, causing her to worry. She hops up and heads inside just in time, Jessica is down.


When she gets Tubb's attention, she greets him with a sharp throwing-star to his eye, nullifying his paralyzing vision. She half-expected him to dodge it, but as he screams in pain, she gets a little disappointed. A small chime rings in her helmet alerting her that the guns have been successfully repositioned.

Tubb scurries around yelling, not noticing two green dots center in on his body. K.S. presses a tab on her arms and then lies on the ground. An instant later the A.L.T.A turrets fire twenty rounds hitting their mark. Tubb's body is rocked back and forth by the onslaught. His powers has given him tough skin, but not invulnerable. The first couple of bullets ping off, the next flurry weakens his frame. The following flurry sinks in. Bullets rack his grayish skin as the fourth flurry soon stop. Nullifying the target, leaving him alive, but badly injured.

"You're ok?" K.S. says helping Jessica up. Tubb lays, unconscious. Jessica stands and gives K.S. a hug.

"I'm a lot better now, kid. You did it."
Published: 3/15/2014
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