Hidden Little Sojourn

Love should never be forbidden.
Let's steal away to the shadows,
Far from prying eyes,
Let's cloak ourselves in darkness,
Lose ourselves in time.
Let time stand still for all around,
That they may never learn,
The secret of our passion,
Our hidden little sojourn.

The sentiment of culture's creed,
May frown upon our liaison,
But in our souls we have no need,
To justify or reason.
We owe nothing to their ridicule,
Let them taunt with rumour.
The scandal may dowse the candle,
But it shall never dowse our fervor.

The fundamental jealousy,
A radical point of view,
Will never understand our love,
Nor shall it pay us dues,
For theirs is not the sacred word,
As sanctified by spirit,
They cannot share the warmth within.
Their cold hearts hold no merit.

But why then should we hide away,
Has not our love been blessed?
'Tis not our right to feel the warmth
Of the sun's caress?
The time has come for us to shine,
To step out from the shadows,
To beat our hearts in unison,
And ne'er to feel no sorrow.

Fear not the wrath of guilty sin,
We must not be compromised,
For is this love not understood,
As shared 'tween you and I?
Care not then what others think,
Throw caution to the wind,
And share with me you tender heart,
If you should be so kind.
Published: 2/24/2012
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