Hidden Secret

"I can’t help it,’ Daniel gave a shy smile.
Standing on the hidden away isle in the corner of the library, Anna and Daniel face each other, staring at each other. They cannot believe their plan worked, it fooled everyone. Now they just have to keep the lie going.

"It works, we got the throne," Daniel said, even he couldn’t believe it. "Now we just have to keep our relationship a secret." He needed his family, her family, and every court member to believe that their romantic relationship is fake.

"Just be more careful from now on. Don’t ever look at me like that during court again," Anna warmed; she feels unease how Daniel keep stared at her during court. She’s afraid somebody might find out about them. "We can’t risk them finding out."

"I can’t help it,’ Daniel gave a shy smile.
Anna rolled her eye, "I’m not the one everyone will call a ‘fool’ if they ever find out about us" she bites her lip "For liking me."

"I don’t care," Daniel grabbed Anna’s wrist and pulled her toward him. He leaded forward and kissed Anna on her lips.

Anna pulled away from the kiss "Don’t you understand? Our parents think our relationship is fake, that we’re using each other to get the throne. If they ever find out, they will break us up," she’s more afraid of being away from him than losing the throne.

"Then we’ll just have to put up the best show ever," Daniel smiled assuredly. Anna didn’t say anything; she keeps avoiding his eye contact. Meanwhile Daniel silently study her face "What’s on your mind?" He asked.

Anna shakes her head "Nothing and everything," she's moving around restlessly. She takes a look at her watch, "I’m late for the meeting," she says and leaves without saying anything else. Daniel just stands there and watch Anna walk way.
Published: 4/10/2019
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