Hidden Secret (1)

She soon realized, she was not alone. She can make out a familiar figure standing at the entrance of the garden facing her.
Hidden in the school garden away from the Christmas Party, Anna sat on the swing set and kick off her high heel. Finally, she was able to have some fresh breath of air, the ball was suffocating her.

She soon realized she was not alone. She can make out a familiar figure standing at the entrance of the garden facing her. "I know you're there."

Daniel came into the light and approached her "I sorry if I bother you," he said and stood next to the swing set.

"Shouldn't you stay next to your Queen, Prom King?" Anna asked and swing slightly back and forth on the swing.

Daniel shown some annoyance "Nah, she's having fun all on her own. She's not the one I want to dance with anyway" he sneaked a peak at Anna.

Anna smirked, "I'm a horrible dancer" she's a little touched that he wants to dance with her "I'll step on your feet" she warned.

"I can lead," Daniel put out his hand "Anna, would you give me the honor of dancing with you?" He asked and bowed a little.

Anna chuckled, she jumped of the swing and took his hand "I would love too."

Daniel intertwine his hands with hers and pulled her closer to him.

"Wait, let me put the heel on."

Daniel didn't let her go "Forget about the heel. This way if you step on my foot it won't hurt" he said; his face are only inches away from her. It has been awhile since they were this closed. Though, she still makes his heart run wild.

Silence fell as they start swing along with the music. Daniel took the lead and Anna just follow along. They can slightly hear the music coming from the ballroom. From time to time Anna would accidentally step on his foot. She would lower her head and apologized. Then Daniel would chuckle to her apologies and they continued to dance.

They must have been out there for a while since they start to heard people leaving the ball.

"You look beautiful," break the silence.

Anna was surprise by his commented.

"Thank you, you look quite handsome yourself."

"I wish we can dance like this forever" Daniel stopped in his place and placed his hand under her chin. He lifted her head to meet his and lead forward.

Anna got lost in his eyes for a moment.

Before their lips touch, she shook her head out of his grip and step back "It's getting late, I should head home" her cheeks are on fire and her heart are beating against her rib cage.

Daniel sighed as he can only watched her.

Anna grabbed her heel and ran her hand through her hair, "Thank you for the dance, I'll see you around school."

"How long do you plan to keep deny your feeling for me?" Daniel said, "You know how I feel... and I know you like me back."

"I don't know what you're talking about," Anna swallowed as she lied and left.

Daniel could only stand there and watched as Anna leave.
Published: 5/9/2019
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