High Protein Diet Foods

A high protein diet for weight loss is aimed at muscle growth, while shedding extra calories. While choosing high protein diet foods, make a point to select food items that contain complete proteins and are low in saturated fats.
The purpose of consuming a diet rich in protein and low in calories is to maintain weight. In addition, bodybuilders and people who are health conscious stick to a high protein diet to stimulate muscle growth. To some extent, the weight loss effect is scientifically proven. However, practicing it for long-term can lead to negative health effects. For following this dieting strategy, one should learn about high protein diet foods, which we will discuss in this article.

What are Some High Protein Diet Foods?

We all know that protein is an essential nutrient, required for maintaining skin, hair, muscles and every part of the body. The body uses it as an energy source when there is lack of glucose. So, limiting the intake of carbohydrate and increasing protein amount brings about burning accumulated fats and at the same time, build lean muscles. Some of the healthy high protein diet foods to eat are discussed below:

Milk - Skimmed milk is a healthy alternative for people who are following a high protein low carb diet. Drinking 1 glass of milk will give 6.3 g protein in approximation. However, this protein value and fat content tends to vary with the milk the dieter has chosen.

Dairy Product - Other than milk, dairy products are included in the high protein diet foods. Serving 150 g of low fat yogurt provides 8 g protein, while the same amount of fruit flavored yogurt yields 6 g protein. In 100 g cheddar cheese, protein content is 25g.

Legumes - Amongst the protein rich vegetables, all sorts of legumes contain the highest amounts of proteins and are best high protein diet foods. Serving ½ cups each of soy beans and split peas yield 14 g protein and 8 g protein respectively. And 1/2 cup of tofu is enough to provide 20 g protein.

Seeds and Nuts - Edible seeds and nuts contain proteins and other nutrients in a compact forms. Included in the protein rich foods list; healthy alternatives include peanut (9 g protein in ¼ cup), almond (8 g protein in ¼ cup), pumpkin seed (8 g protein in ¼ cup), cashew and sunflower seed.

Fish - Some fish are not only priced for their high protein content, but they are also rich sources of Omega-3 fatty acids. Among the several fish, tuna contains very high amount of protein, its 3 ounces can yielding 20 g protein. Another is cod fillet; serving 3.5 ounces yields 21 g protein.

Eggs - Eggs are another protein rich food item and contain negligible amount of carbohydrate. Serving 1 medium-sized egg yields about 6 g protein. Too much of eggs is not good, as it also contain high percentage of salt, particularly in the white portion.

Chicken - Roasted chicken and chicken meat, cooked with less oil contain slightly more than 25 g in 3.5 ounces serving. Speaking more about the protein content in chicken, an average size leg piece gives 10 g; while a wing piece gives 6 g protein.

Meat - All types of meat (beef, pork, mutton, etc.) are included in the high protein diet and foods. On an average, serving 2 ounces of meat provides 14 g of protein. Select lean meat cuts with lesser amounts of fatty parts. Or else, trim the fat portions before cooking to remove fats.

No doubt, eating high protein diet foods is safer than other fad diets. But, one word of concern regarding this weight loss diet is the probable health side effects, especially when practiced for an extended period. Nutrition experts are of the opinion that a healthy adult should follow this diet plan for not more than 3-4 months. Indulging the same for a prolonged period can lead to severe medical complications, which can have temporary or long-term effects.
By Ningthoujam Sandhyarani
Published: 7/30/2010
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