Highly Sensitive People

By understanding traits of highly sensitive people, you will be able to clear the misconceptions that you have regarding these kind of people..
Highly Sensitive People (HSP) is a major attribute that is found in a particular group of people. If you simply think about this, the first thing that comes to the mind is some kind of a mental illness. However, HSP actually means a condition, wherein, a particular class of people have a different or deeper way of thinking and conceiving aspects. These people are able to process sensory information at a deeper rate, because of some biological difference in their nervous system. This characteristic is not only found in humans, but also in 20% of animals. Before moving on to the traits of a person having this attribute, let us get to know about the highly sensitive person test.

Highly Sensitive People Test

If you in any way want to find out whether you are a person in HSP category, you will have to take the highly sensitive personality test. This is a medical-related exam wherein you will be presented with a list of questions. The medical experts will assess the answers and then determine if you fit in this category. As per a research conducted, around 15-20% of the people do possess this type of personality. However, a person having this personality will display certain traits, which are discussed below.

Highly Sensitive People Traits

A highly sensitive person will, by default, listen to or read information and process it exhaustively to reach a specific conclusion. He has the ability of grasp difficult things even while he is learning. HSP find it very difficult to concentrate on a subject if they are over excited. There are more possibilities of such people being loyal. If a person with this condition is made to do a task which requires a lot of concentration, he will surely excel in the same.

It is considered that HSP can stay still for much longer than other people who do not have this personality. Such people naturally have a creative and imaginative mind. If a person with the HSP personality is exposed to some stimulant, he would take more time to come out of the effect as compared to other people. He also has a deeper understanding of human emotions and feelings. A good part of HSP is that they are really good at finding errors, and themselves are precise in whatever they do.

People with this personality tend to perform less than they are capable of if they know they are being observed. Instead, they perform quite well if they are surrounded by familiar people. Those with HSP can prove to be ideal employees; since they are loyal, expect perfection, great organizers, and smart working. They also have a very strong faith in God. Other traits includes a love for nature, the arts, and music.

Such people are known to ask challenging questions whose answers might be difficult to answer. People with an HSP personality can easily get disturbed if there is noise, as they are able to work well only in calm and quite situations. Their sense of smell is extremely strong, and can smell even the slightest of odor.

These are just a few traits commonly related to such individuals. There are other traits as well such as the ability to read the mind, a bent for environmental care, being loving and caring, etc. Due to a biological change in highly sensitive people, their perception of things around magnifies until it reaches the brain for processing. As a result, the thinking and analyzing tendency of people with this personality type is substantially higher as compared to others.
By Stephen Rampur
Last Updated: 9/29/2011
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