Hip Hop Dance Costumes

Hip hop dance costumes are very informal. These costumes allow the dancers to experiment with them in order to develop their own fashion trend.
The history of hip hop dance played a huge role in the development of hip hop dance costumes, as well as the development of the overall hip hop culture. Hip hop fashion is actually an extended element of hip hop culture, which is greatly influenced by the African-American and Latin American culture. Hip hop dance was mainly referred to the street dance styles, which were danced to hip hop or rap music. It's an informal way of dancing with free body movements, which are incorporated by the dancer as his/her own expression. There is a need of a comfortable yet trendy clothing option for all the difficult dance moves. Hence, we can say that these costumes are all about finding the comfort out of a stylish attire.

Hip Hop Dance Costumes Through the Years

Hip hop dance was originated in the African-American culture but it was not restricted only to the African-Americans and soon it got spread to everywhere across the globe. During the ascension of the hip hop dance, many renowned sportswear and fashion clothing brands started associating with it. During this era - around early 80's to mid 80's, the dancers wore baggy pants, phat and over-sized athletic jerseys with sneakers! Not to forget the leather bomber jackets, bright colored tracksuits. It was also the time when fashion jewelry was introduced into the hip hop dancing! Bling was one of the most popular jewelry along with huge necklaces, numerous rings and large belts. Women wore the same masculine costume and sported large earrings, heavy metallic belts and braided hairstyles.

During the late 80's, dreadlocks and braided hairstyles were introduced along with a major shift in the costumes for hip hop dance. Neon colored clothing became a trademark of the hip hop dancers. It was seen from the hooded jackets to the shoelaces! Along with experimentation with colors, the blousy pants of the dancers became a rage amongst the college goers. The trend of wearing clothes backwards including the hats, was the invention of this period. Hip hop dance attire experienced major changes during the early 90's, which was the rising period for the 'gangsta rap'. It was the time when the plaid shirts, low waist pants, baseball caps and clothing (that looked similar to the prisoners), got really very popular. During this period, the costumes were also accompanied with bandannas, doo rags and heavy tattoos!

What it is Today

Notwithstanding the transitions, the basic manners of wearing hip hop dance costumes still remains the same. The costumes for still manifest the same 'thuggish look' with that attitude to rule the world. To get the exact idea of today's hip hop dance gears, let's try to find out what are today's trends of dance costumes for men and women hip hop dancers!

For Men
The male hip hop dancers still wear the baggy pants, polo shirts, hooded jackets and loads of golden and silver jewelry. These basic things are paired with sneakers or large boots and caps (to be worn in backward or sidewards) to get the complete look of a hip hop dancer. All in all, male hip hop dancers wear - over-sized chic white T-shirts that can cover the entire torso, dark washed low waist blousy jeans (without belt), doo rag beneath the cap, heavy golden watch, bling which are often embedded with studs, etc., as their basic hip hop dance costumes.

For Women
Earlier, women borrowed the 'plug-ugly' look, which is now arrogated by more feminine costumes. The women dancers wear slim pants, short skirts, harem pants or leggings. These clothes are often accompanied with heavy make up which emphasize the lips. Today, the woman's costumes are designed to boast the feminine sensuality, rather than the masculine toughness. You can find a female dancer wearing - thigh length dark washed flared pants or very short skirt along with tank top, halter top or camisole (probably in white color), high-heeled women's shoes or sandals, flashy jewelry like hoop earrings and bulky bracelets!

All in all, there is always a scope for alteration in the hip hop dance costumes. They look more flamboyant when they are accompanied with some snazzy hip hop dance moves! Am I right?
By Rutuja Jathar
Published: 3/25/2010
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