Hip Replacement Cost

A complete hip replacement is the last option left for many people, whose hip ailments degrade day by day. One of the crucial parameters that concerns the patients is the cost associated to it. Let us know about it in this article.
Philips' maternal uncle recently underwent his second hip replacement, he's only 49 and he has his insurance covering this. The medical health insurance he obtained from his previous firm was helpful in managing his settlement but now the firm has cut it off. Philips' family is now worried about the dual cost of hip replacement. Will the cost include the hospital stays and physical therapy?? Will Philips' family able to manage the hip replacement surgery cost?

Like Philip, most of the patients and their families are concerned about the cost of this medical procedure. The fact is, that the cost of hip replacement depends on various factors like the hospital charges, surgeon's fee and the equipment maintenance fee. Before going into the details of hip replacement surgery cost, let's find out what exactly is hip replacement surgery.

What is a Hip Replacement Surgery?
As the name suggests, hip replacement surgery is concerned with the replacement of the hip, due to some severe ailment that can't be treated by medications. Hip replacement surgery is done in cases of arthritis when the hip joint wears out completely. In the hip joint surgery, the worn out parts are replaced by the artificial hip joints. Prosthesis is the name given to the artificial joint, that is replaced during the hip replacement surgery. The aim of the hip replacement surgery is to help the patient move and enhance the functioning of the hip joint.

Cost of Hip Replacement
The exact cost can't be calculated, unless, all the elements of the hospital surgery are taken into account. Yes, there are various parameters that determine the average cost and every hospital and health care unit have their own sets of rules and policies. Generally, for patients without health insurance or medical claims, the total cost will be between USD 32,000 to USD 45,000 depending on the geographical location and other factors. In many health care units, the uninsured patients are given discounts and schemes, so that, the cost is manageable by the patients. In many places, the cost is covered under health insurance schemes. Depending on the type of the health insurance, the patient may have to pay nearly 20% to 30% of the total costs. This helps the patients for whom it is expensive to afford.

The cost includes the orthopedic surgeon fee. The orthopedic surgeon will include the cost of every test and procedure that he carries out. For instance, the orthopedic surgeon will perform the entire medical check up of the patient, perform blood tests and MRI scan, and these all will be included in the bill. The orthopedic surgeon will discuss the possibility of the hip replacement surgery and will mention the costs that will incur after the surgery.

According to researchers, surgery is an effective way of treating long term problems of the hip pain, that the patient goes through in cases of osteoarthritis and other bone diseases. Besides that, the hip replacement costs are indirectly, a long term saving plan. A study showed, that if a person with hip disability visits doctor's clinic for a year and comes for treatment at the end of the year, he may spend about USD 50,000! So, when viewed from this angle, a one time investment in hip replacement surgery seems a good option. So, should one opt for hip replacement surgery? Well, that's an important question, in which you have to involve an expert orthopedic surgeon, your family members and most importantly yourself, so that, you can mentally and physically prepare for the surgery.
By Kundan Pandey
Last Updated: 9/26/2011
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