His Millionth But First Girl - Chapter 15

He's a jerk. He's an arrogant guy. He's that person who wraps helpless girls around his finger. So, there's no way on earth that I will fall for him, or at least that's what I wish for.
Chapter 15 - Maybe... Maybe Not

"See that guy over there?" Maddie whispered to me as if it's the biggest secret of all time. "He's checking you out like a hawk. So hot." She said licking her Dulce de leche ice cream.

I looked around and saw a guy sitting not far away from us. He is kind of a typical college dude with a t-shirt that says 'I will rock your world' and All Time Low baller bands ringed to his wrists. I think he was pulled out from a rock concert to just buy black cow flavored ice cream. Lucky me, he's really staring at moi... or my fabulous purple headband.

"Ew, Maddie. Grow some taste buds. Let him stare, I'm not into him." I look over him for the last time and saw him wink at me. I scoffed and turned my head to finish my ice cream.

"Just saying girl."

*Beep Beep*

From: Unknown
Subject: Stubborn
You can turn around if I were you.

Is... is it even possible?

Then, I heard the door of the shop creak and floods of air entered the room which gave me goosebumps all over.

"What is he doing here?" Maddie's eyes widen in surprise.

I stood up, left my pistachio ice cream and grabbed my bags of stuffs and ready to leave when I felt a rock hard surface bumped me from behind. He caught my arms to steady me so I faced him.

"How did-"

The corners of his lips rose but his eyes failed to justify it. He seems...

"Happy to see me?" Then, he faced the college dude and gave him a nod and the college dude says, "No prob Aiden. Any time."

He flashed us a meaningful smile and left the ice cream shop immediately. I bit my tongue.

Question answered! He let that guy spy on me. That's why I saw him everywhere we go. At the bookstore, department store, LV branch, Channel branch and even at the beauty parlor!

God! Aiden is a total jerk! My hands were aching for a double slap however he blocked it right away. Holding it firmly. Actually, we're making a scene and Maddie is watching. "Let go of me!"

"What's going on people?" Maddie asked.

And that caught Aiden off guard. For heaven's sake, he will never let his little sister know that there's something between us which there's nothing really. But we're getting there anyway.

They signed like an agreement to not hit on her bff, which is ME!

"Please, leave if it's some kind of another scandal." Tadre, the ice cream shop employee who's been working for ten years here reminded us with his authoritative yet calm voice.

Aiden's hold loosened as if he's in daze so I grab the chance to remove my hands from his. "Nothing." I looked away not meeting her eyes as possible.

"OH MY GOD!" An ear-shattering shriek startled everyone. All the people in the shop turned their heads to a uber-curvy 17-ish lady with a brownish-black hair and a mole in her left cheek. Styled with a $33 lace inset dress, she looks like a hooker waiting for a guy to notice her cup F breasts.

Not only that, I think she's referring to Aiden. As she gets close to us, I can smell her strong strawberry perfume that made me nauseous than before. I looked over at Aiden but he too is surprised with her.

"Hi! Do you remember me, baby?" She's really over-the-top ecstatic. Gosh girl, are you high? She giggled and encircled Aiden's arm, holding it tightly with her hands and breasts.

I can't stand watching it. "You are..?" Aiden is nothing but bored with what is happening.

"I'm Loisa! Duh! We used to stay at the hotel in Miami, remember? We did something for six days! God! That was A-MA-ZI-NG!"

Sweet Jesus!

Tadre sighed and says, "Damn these kids." He said under his breath.

"This is so RR! Gross, let's go P."

He placed his hands around his waist and says, "I'm sorry Loisa but I have something to work on right now." He said with a sincere tone.

Work? I raced out of the door and I still hear the girl speaking. Now I think after 20 seconds, he will be tempted to divert his attention to her like what other jerks do.

"Wait up girl!" Maddie's able to catch up with me. "I know the feeling but you should have grabbed my arms and yanked me away with you."

"Your brother is an ass."

"Yeah well, that's a trait that we don't share, you are welcome." She told me sarcastically.

We are out of the Aiden's radar and I don't doubt it since he's already being entertained by his ex. An ex he'd just been with for only six days. That's why I should stay away from him.


Aiden's POV

Can't just anyone leave me alone?
I get it that I'm hot, smart, handsome, talented, athletic, famous, charismatic, rich, nice and the list goes on but really, a guy also needs privacy. It's a curse I think, everyone just loves me except for the person I truly-

Whoa! Stop there.

Anyway, I'm stuck with this hot chick right here who claims that we became together for a couple of days. I don't remember her like any other girls I've dated but seems to me that she annoys me better than anyone else.

"Honey, do you want some of my vanilla ice cream." She said stressing the word 'my'. With her face smashed with makeup I can say that she's trying to bring me somewhere more than just her vanilla ice cream. But no, I'm not interested. I don't want to be rude but I really want her to just disappear.

It may be my downfall to say that I'm less interested to girls around me lately. I can't function well and I don't think I could stand them flirting senselessly with me. It just turned out to be pretty boring and unexciting. As if I'm looking for something that has lost but when I tried to confront it, it broke my heart to see her leave.

I know it's my fault and probably that's what jerks do. They are usually annoying and tempting but not always do I want to stay like that. "No. I'm sorry but I have to leave. Thank you for your time." With that, I left.

The old me would be glad enough to take her to some place where we could have fun but I don't know what happened right now. I'm a mess, I could conclude. Satisfied? And it's all because of a single girl that I have to stay away from but I can't.

I sighed and smiled at the kids playing soccer near the fountain. I took another minute to sit on a bench nearby and wonder. Why didn't I tell old her how I felt when I have the time. I just run away and it's my loss, I know. I let it slip away just that. But can you blame me?

I don't want to lose who I am. The player. I've been keeping myself away from the situation of adoring her again for the past years. It happened a long time ago, since we were kids. You'll never gonna believe this but laying my eyes on her was the biggest mistake yet best thing that has ever happened to me. I persuaded Maddie to befriend her so I could see her every time she visits our house. I even stalked her since then. I longed for her.

And I am afraid it's coming back again.

And maybe I should take my turn to be with her.

Maybe not.


Maddie's POV


"What happened?" I asked her as I stopped to look what's going on.

"Nothing. I just bit my tongue." She waved her hand as a sign of dismissal.

"Well, I got to say someone is thinking about you." I teased.

"Who then?" She raised her brow and grinned.

"The college dude."


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Published: 1/1/2013
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