His Millionth But First Girl - Chapter 16

He's a jerk. He's an arrogant guy. He's that person who wraps helpless girls around his finger. So, there's no way on earth that I will fall for him, or at least that's what I wish for.
Chapter 16

Watching fright night all over again is terrible. I mean, my mom keeps on watching it which is weird and it is so not her type of movies to watch considering she loves romantic, Meg-Ryan-You've-Got-Mail movies.

"Isn't Colin Farell so hot? I would kill for that body." She said while eying the screen with such gleam in her brown eyes.

"Mom can't you just settle for dad instead?" I said teasingly.

"Well, a woman has to look sometimes." She winked and left with an empty wine glass on her right hand.

I shook my head and lay on the couch in my most unladylike manner.

"Oh, you must be Aiden, come in!" I fell to the floor upon hearing those words. "No, I'm not Aiden, mam. Aron."

Who. I took a deep breath as I grabbed my bag.

"Ready for school?" He asked.

I punched his shoulder which made my mom looked at me with distaste.

"That's the cliche-est remark ever if you ask me." I told him.

"You kids be careful and drive safely, Aron."

"Yes, Mrs. Sanders."

"Call me, Martha." I bumped mom's hip as a sign to not hit on my guy friend.

Before Aron could speak, I dragged him out of the situation wherein he would think that my mom is actually flirting at him.

"Sorry about that." I told him. "Mom's always like that but except for the crazies because he will never do crazies." I said when my mom came back to our house. Aron is about to open the car door for me when he stopped to acknowledge the guy which lives across the street. "Aiden."

"Aron." He just came out from his house to his car. I don't know but I feel so uncomfortable right now. He looked at me for a brief moment holding my stare and gave Aron his most charming smile that can melt me if the smile is for me.

"I heard you broke your arm yesterday." The devil asked with cold tone and stare.

Aron waved his arm, "Nah. Just a sprain. I can live."

"Really? Well, good luck if you can able to say those remark again." I was surprised when he said it. It's like he's challenging Aron to something so harmful.

The guy beside me looks unfazed. "What are you going to do then, captain?"

"Aron, let's just go. We'll be late." I held his arm and I can feel anger radiating through Aiden to Aron.

"Exactly, I'm the captain. It's a matter of common sense."

Can you believe it?

"And what are you to that girl anyway?" He spat the word 'girl' like something that's so bittersweet.

Aron stepped one foot forward, "The girl is my girlfriend."

That made my heart stop and I think the jerk surprised as I am. I know it's not true but I think and wish that it is. Come on, Aron is a nice guy and certainly not a jerk.

"Excuse me?" Aiden asked.
"Aron, let's leave!" I dragged Aron away from the hot spot gaze of Aiden. I know he's no match from that total douche but I thought it's a big step for him to talk to the one that got him in the varsity.

I looked over to Aiden but he's already in his car, driving away from us with an intense speed. He'll get himself killed for all I know.

The whole trip's awkward and nobody bothered to speak but Aron being himself didn't stand to watch the whole situation go as this. "Shit! I'm sorry Paige. I wasn't thinking." He gripped the steering wheel that his knuckles were turning white.

"No. I mean, who would think that you really mean it?" He isn't listening so I put my hand on top of his hand that made him relax a bit. "It's okay. There' nothing to worry about, is there?"

What's about the drama and intensity between two hot men?

"Nothing. Look, Paige you won't believe me if I say that-that guy..."


"… likes you."

"You're wrong. He's not, Aron. Period." I wanted the feeling to go away myself. It's so unreal and impossible. I mean, sometimes I can tell the signs are visible but I never think of it that far.

We came to school without mentioning about the discussion we had. Maddie on the other hand is clueless. I feel bad for her for I keep so many secrets from her. I know that she's my best friend but can't just blurt about her brother and I. It'll be chaos. She doesn't want his brother to hurt me so she's protecting me from him.

I don't know what will Aiden tell me that he planned to talk to me but then failed. I can't think of other reasons why. I'm not a part of his groupie or whatever and we're certainly not friends. In fact we're E-N-E-M-I-E-S.

This is just great (mind the sarcasm).


I am a geek. I know. But consider me a hot geek. I can stand watching a documentary film called "X-treme Employment: Certified Public Accountants." I mean, it's not a challenge for me to such, watch it but my classmates do consider otherwise.
Published: 1/3/2013
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