His Millionth But First Girl - Chapter 17

He's a jerk. He's an arrogant guy. He's that person who wraps helpless girls around his finger. So, there's no way on earth that I will fall for him, or at least that's what I wish for.
I love you. I love you so much even if it hurts and achingly corny, I don't care. Do you feel the same way?

I can't believe Dorothea (a character in the movie), "I choose you," said that to Mark without shame or regret. For me it's sweet. However, saying that in real life appears to be compulsive and a little bit pathetic.

I am at Madie's room when we decided to stay here while his brother, with emphasis on the word jerk is busily throwing a party for the coolest people in the town. Trust me, we also love to join in but luckily, we're too compelled to stay. We're uninvited.

"So, I was thinking." I looked over to Madie when her voice broke in. "Do you think... guys actually like me?" She said not taking her eyes off the screen.

"What are you talking about? Of course, they do. You just turned them down all the way but they kept coming back. Why?"

"Do you think Jace..."

"You like him." I said.

She didn't reply so I know what's up.
Published: 4/3/2014
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