Historical Fiction

To know the truth of history is to realize its ultimate myth and its inevitable ambiguity. - Roy P. Basler

This is probably the reason why historical tales make for some of the best reads. The reader seldom knows where reality ends and the strains of the imaginary take over. Finesse in historical fiction is achieved by the seamless enmeshing of artistic license and reality without compromising the flow of the tale. The mix of the two vital ingredients has to be just perfect. Read these historical sagas for a glimpse into the past and what could and may have been. After all, as David Cowart puts it,

...they demonstrate that history, however disorderly, remains meaningful. History can still enable humanity to know itself and its condition, and in the historical novel, especially the type devoted to recapturing the way it was, history often finds its most legitimate realization.
Dream of Resistance
A time warped nightmare.
The Chapel or Judge Eternity - Chapter 26
Everin the undying Geatish woman begins to hatch a plane to bring Anthon/Beowulf back to her.
The Chapel or Judge Eternity - Chapter 25
A multi-genre epic, presented unedited Everin sees the giant Anthon/Beowulf for the first time.
The Chapel or Judge Eternity - Chapter 24 - Beowulf's Love Remembers
Everin thinks back to her family and beginnings.
We Hope
For Humanity.
The Chapel or Judge Eternity - Chapter 23
Anthon / Beowulf is drawn from Everin by an ancient evil
The Chapel or Judge Eternity - Chapter 20
Judge Eternity comes to an end or at least a stopping point. I am currently negotiating with a publisher on some of my many other works and hope they will see print soon. I promise to return to this story as soon as possible.
The Chapel or Judge Eternity - Chapter 19 A
Anthon the Giant and Martin Luther a wayward monk are trapped in an ancient tomb. We approach the end and Chapter 20.
The War Diaries - Chapter 5
The lieutenant finally goes into a battle. He meets a new companion and gets into a sticky situation.
The War Diaries - Chapter 4
The fourth chapter. The lieutenant is given the gift of peace.. only for a few days..
The War Diaries - Chapter 3
What will happen to the lieutenant?
A Helping Hand
I worked as a tour guide at a renaissance castle in Kalmar in Sweden throughout four summer vacations from 1989 to 1992 in order to finance my music studies in Vienna. I practically grew up around the castle and had always toyed...
The War Diaries - Chapter 2
It is the counter attack :) what will happen and how will they overcome it?
The War Diaries - Chapter 1
Chapter one of the war diaries following the path of a young lieutenant during the second world war.
Thespian Maiden
The British drama scene is one highly savored in theatrical bliss. For a young student to try to emulate legends like Judi Dench sometimes results in agony. This is a tale of one student that lives and breathes that air, who not...
The Chapel or Judge Eternity Part 19 of 20
Anthon the undying knight and Martin Luther a hapless monk find a place to make their stand against the diseased undead.
The Chapel or Judge Eternity 18 of 20
Anthon tells Martin Luther about himself and the monk finds reason to doubt what he's been taught
The Chapel or Judge Eternity 17 of 20
Martin Luther finds courage and confronts the beast things that stalk around his fire.
The Last, Great Chattahoochee Raft Race
The nostalgic remembrance of a floating festival of debauchery.
The Chapel or Judge Eternity 16 of 20
Anthon the giant sleeps and remembers his beginnings while Martin Luther stares in fear at the things on the edge of the fire light
The Chapel or Judge Eternity 15 of 20
Martin Luther aids Anthon the giant knight and finds out there are worse things than brigands in the forest.
The Chapel or Judge Eternity 12
In which Martin Luther begins his journey into darkness and doubt.
The Chapel or Judge Eternity 11
Martin Luther, reflects on the occurrences in the Chapel and is sent out by the abbot on monastery business.
The Chapel or Judge Eternity Pt 10
Wennal the 10,000 year old Judge contemplates his opponent the source of his immortality and ancient enemy
The Chapel or Judge Eternity
Can a 10,000 year old Judge affect the future and in the process seal his own fate.
I Own Colorado Boulevard
A short fiction about TETH (The Elegant Talking Head), an alter-ego from the place where I work. Even mild mannered TETH has his limits............!! Written in the form of a press release and published in the Tijuana Times.
It Happened...Chapter One
Join me in my new novel about the world ending. For those of you waiting for the conclusion of The Bride of Dracula, its coming soon!
This is a story I wrote for English class. Hope you enjoy it ^^
First Time
Holiday culture piece - With no prior knowledge of Turkey, equipped only with two pages of Turkish language and gestures, and our bellies full of anticipation, me and my...