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Facebook is a social networking site that made a lot of people's lives. Some people got into problems, while for others it helped to make a lot of friends. The best thing about Facebook is that people will meet their soulmates.
"I read it on Facebook," that what my sister said while informing my mother. So at first I thought it was a source of information or maybe an online newspaper, then the more my sister spoke about this website the more my curiosity grew. I just wanted to know all about this website called Facebook.

So one day I made this decision that I will find about Facebook. What is this website that my sister speaks a thousands times each day. I went on search engine and typed "Facebook..."
"Oh, it seems to be a famous website."

I felt embarrassed. How couldn't I know about it? I entered and created an account with a fake name 'Short Fairytale', that was a name or nickname. Well, at first I thought it was like a forum, but that wasn't the case. They didn't name it a social network for nothing.

Facebook has a blue and white color. I actually hated the two colors for my personal beliefs and the meaning of those colors in my life. But that wasn't the reason to stop feeding my curiosity and hunger. But it actually charmed me.

I started to surf on this website and was getting more and more information. How could my sister know about this website before me? I was embarrassed when I discovered that it wasn't an information source.

Later I added my sister and logged out.

The other day when I opened my Facebook account, I discovered that my sister left me a message. "Who is it?"

I replied that it was me, her sister. She was surprised. Well, actually more shocked than surprised.

She went quickly to my mother to tell her everything. My mother was surprised not for the reason I opened an account but because I was under age. I was twelve years old so I had to lie about my age. I guess, adding One year to my age is not a lie for me. My mother got frustrated. Well, the way my sister told the news to my mother was enough to make her angry and anxious. She behaved like I've killed someone or stolen a bank.

So to calm down my mum I had to promise her that I will not be opening a Facebook account telling the appropriate age. The appropriate age for my mother wasn't thirteen but actually fifteen at least.

Years passed by, I always had the stuff in my mind, and waiting for three years were like hell. But I had to keep my promise to my mother. My sister kept repeating the same stuff, something I felt like she was doing purposely to make me angry. Who knows?

Oh, finally today was my fifteenth birthday. I have never cared about my birthday till date but I was very happy today. I will finally get the chance to create a Facebook account.

I couldn't wait for the day to end. I started my laptop and created a Facebook account, but this time with my true name "Mariam Anouar". I added some of my friends who I knew had an account on this social networking site. And that time I made sure I won't add my sister, well for more security.

Days after, while checking my Facebook, I found a guy's invitation. His name was "Hamza Chouki". I had no friend with this name and I had nothing in common with him except we had the same religion. We were both Muslims.

Well, he was from London and born in the year 1987. So he was six years older than me.

He had uploaded his picture. His skin color was the color of dark coffee with milk and his eyes were brown, and he had short black hair. He wasn't that handsome but seeing his personal picture, I felt he may be a nice guy. So I accepted his invitation.

But in my mind I thought who was that guy? And why did he send me an invitation? If he was someone I knew with a fake account? Maybe I shouldn't have accepted his invitation... Oh what did I do?

The stuff about that guy gave me thousand bad ideas in my mind.


Should Mariam accept the invitation on Facebook or not? Please comment, I need your opinion to build my story.
Last Updated: 3/16/2014
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