H&M (2) - Part 1

"The truth is the daughter of time."
It's so right
When I see the love in your eyes
All that I wanna do
Baby is to spend my life with you
And I know
As long as there is tomorrow
I'll be loving you right from the start
With all my heart
With all my heart, with all my heart
Wo-oh-oh, with all my heart...

This was Dream street song with all my heart from the movie I was watching. I'm the biggest fan. I know a lot of you will say, you are watching that old movie. Well, yes I do, and not for the first time, this is my tenth in this month. I am huge fan of Jesse, Chris, and all the members of the DS. I know it's old fashion.

But if my mind didn't... I mean if I wasn't wrong Plato says "All the old is beautiful... And should be shown"... Well, my English is bad I know... The quote I found it wrote on one of my high school walls in Arabic. And I translated it.

I go and check on my Facebook. He is no way to be online. An idea come into my mind.

I shouldn't accept the invitation. That idea made me sleepless for the entire last week. I know I always take risks but seems working with me. What if he was just some guy or some girl from my class? Trying to make a joke all over me? I did it anyway. What the worst can happen? Fall in love? Ha Ha Ha NEVER. Love doesn't exist. Love is just a word created by boys to use girls. All boys are looking at the girl's body. Love is social media invented to get more money more cash.

I waited for him to get online, I couldn't rest till I spoke to him. To be honest, I accepted his Facebook invitation, coz my English is really bad. I was bad English speaker, writer... More than you can ever imagine.

I'll present for you how my English writing was: "I love my life, the hey God... I has that god drime." I don't know if you got anything from this paragraph but that is what I meant.

"I love my life, the day was good, I had that good dream." Wait a second... That was the reason why Miss Hind used to give me 5 over 20... I used to think she was unfair, but now I think she was too generous.

I think I will give him one last chance, I'll go watch that Sandra Bullock's new movie "The Proposal" or should I watch that funny one "Two weeks notice", or maybe one of Amanda Bynes movies "Sydney white", "She's the man", "What a girl wants", or should I watch Hilary Duff. A lot of ideas came to my mind. What should I do?

Well, I took one of my notebooks, it was English notebook, I just hated English, I cut a paper and then cut into 16 equal parts. I fold it, mix it, and choose one.

It was high school musical, ow, not that one... But it should be some democracy... Screw democracy ... I throw this paper of HSM in waste basket, and choose another one. It was "A Cinderella Story" by Hilary Duff, well that what we call it democracy isn't. And I followed it with an evil's laugh nihahahaha.

I've watched all the movies. I just loved this movie. The dance scene, the football match scene, but my favorite scene is when Sam discovers that all the fortune that Fiona, her stepmother was benefiting was actually hers. Hey, if I love this movie that doesn't mean I believe in love.

The movie ended and he still he didn't got online. I log out from my Facebook put my laptop off and go to sleep.

Thank God that my mother didn't discover that I stayed that late, that is the benefit of not having a sister on Facebook spying on you. My desk clock showed that it is 00:30 when I am supposed to sleep at 10 pm. I couldn't remember how, but I fell immediately in a deep sleep.


In morning, I get ready myself, eat my breakfast and go to school. I am a good student by the way, but my only nightmare is English language. I just don't know why, I score 20 over 20 in all the school subject like Maths, Physics, Science, Arabic, French, History Geography, Islamic education, even sport, I scores 15 over 20. But when it comes to English, I am a complete disaster, I become a complete fool. On the first semester I scored 12 around 20. It was totally bad, but I was too happy, at least I didn't went under 10.

My sister is good in all the school subjects. She doesn't get all twenties like me but she could balance. What was surprising me every time is that her English score is always twenty. Oh please aren't we sisters what's wrong with my DNA.

She tried her best to improve my English, but it ended with her getting desperate. She always use, "Miss Hind, must be so unfortunate, because she had you on her class." And I used to answer her "She is lucky because, she has a genius girl like me." Well, my sister and I were so famous. Both of us were the toppers in our classes.


Wait for the part 2! What do you think of the quote I posted in the description? - "The truth is the daughter of time."
Published: 3/17/2014
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