H&M (3) - Part 2

The picture in part 1 was Meryem.
I went to the cafeteria and ate breakfast with Abdo, and we both went to the class. In the class, we met Yasmine. She was our childhood friend too. She had brown yellow skin, and looked like a Hindu. We used to call her Rani, because she looked like Rani Mukherji, the Bollywood actress. She had long black hair, black eyes, and skinny body. She was 1m74 high, but looked short compared to us.

We went to history class, with Mr. Aboumadi.
I put the flowers next to me on the table. I knew what would happen.
"Miss... Arrange those stuff on the table."
"But sir... I wanted to give those flowers to Miss Hind, our English teacher."
"Sir, can I go now," I whispered.
"Ok, in one condition, answer one question."
I knew what would be the question.

"Why we celebrate women day on march 8th?"
"Well, on March 8th, 1914 worker women..."
It took five minutes to give a speech about that boring March 8th stuff.
"Very good, cultural student... That is a good student, good example..."
It took him ten minutes to end the speech.
After he ended the whole speech, I whispered, "Sir, can we go now."
"We? You said only you."
"No, sir me, Abdelfatah and Yasmine"
"pleas... pleaaaaaaaaaas"
Published: 3/20/2014
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