H&M (3) - Part 1

They didn't agree on much. In fact, they didn't agree on anything. They fought all the time and challenged each other everyday. But despite their differences, they had one important thing in common, they were crazy about each other. Nicholas Sparks notebook. P.S: This has nothing to do with the story, just wanted to share it with you. I love the movie and specially this scene.
'Hi' I wrote
"Hi," he wrote back.
'How r u?'
"I've never been better."
"What about you?"
"What I can't get you?"
'I've never been better 2.'
'Y U lafe.'
"What I can't get you?"
'Y U hhh.'
"Why did I say hhhh?"
"Your English is a disaster."
"I now."
'My English is a disaster.'
'I will go tchao, school tomorrow.'
'God nit.'
'I go sleep ok.'
"Ah, good night."
"To you too."

And I went offline, I know my English is a disaster. But he is not faking at least since his GPS showed, "London, united kingdom."

But I felt so embarrassed, was my English that bad? No, I was using Facebook language, he is stupid. He can't understand it.

It was 00:30. I had to get some sleep. Tomorrow is the Woman International Day or is it today actually. Whatever today or tomorrow is, I need to get some sleep. I know that tomorrow will be busy.

At 7 o'clock am, the alarm rang. "zzz...zzz."

If I could just change that alarm ring. If I had choice I would have put one of Jesse McCartney songs, I had choice I would put "just so you know" or "beautiful soul".

I know my friends always told me why don't I use alarm option in my phone. Well, I would love to, but my mother did not allow me to do.

"Phones out of your room start 8 pm." I know how could she do this to me. But the thing that made me deal with this strange thing that everyone had to respect that law, my older sister, brother and even my parents.

Why that law, simply because my mother is a doctor, not any doctor, a neurologist. And what that had to do with phones.
Phones may cause head cancer or nerve cancer.
What I loved about that strange law is that everyone, has to leave his phone on the closet at 8 pm, my sister Asia my, elder my brother Soufiane and even my father and mother.


In school, while walking to class I heard a voice calling for me.
I turned, who I saw, Abdo. I wasn't surprised actually. He came and gave me a hug.
"Happy woman's day, dear."
"Thank you," and he gave me a red flower.
At that moment, people, specially girls, they got jealous.
"When did you bring the flower?"
"Well... I didn't bring it."
"What... Then how...??"
"You know that girl Ahlam..."
"The 8th year's student."
"Yep, she gave it to me, she said, "Rachid gave it to me, I'll be always loyal, I'll be always loving you B, "and she gave it to me."
We laughed so much that tears fell from my eyes.

Abdo was my best friend, my childhood friend. We were friends since the age of four. I always considered him like Soufiane. But girls couldn't understand that. They always got jealous, every time he hugged me or took my hand. It even got worst when sometimes kissed me on cheeks, or forehead.

Abdo, I was the only girl who called him with that nickname. Girls adored to call him B. His full name was Abdelfatah Baho.

He had brown chocolate hair, brow Asian eyes, brown skin, and 1m85 tall. He was taller than me, but not that much, I was 1m82. I know being a woman I was tall, a kind of too tall.

He left, and went to the cafeteria. Then he ordered two cups of tea and something to eat. We both had not eaten our breakfast.
I would love to accompany him, but that b** she came toward seemed she wanted me for something.

"Hi Mery," with a playing voice.
"Hi Tima," her name was Fatima. But since it was an old fashion, she made girls call her Tima.
She saved me two flowers.
"That's so nice off you."
"Just make sure Soufiane know about it."
"O...K..." while faking a smile.
Don't worry I will make sure to not remember. My brother Soufiane never had and never will care about that b**. He is the one who called that in the beginning and I got used to it.
Published: 3/19/2014
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