H&M (4) - Part 1

What to do? Should I trust him? He is just Facebook pal? All I know about him are stories he told.
A Week Later

It's been awhile that I didn't speak to that guy Hamza. But something strange happened; it seems like he has changed his last name from Chaouki to El. It looks like his last name starts with El because when I asked him the reason for changing his last name, he said, "That Chaouki was just a nickname." That made me doubt whether his first name is Hamza or not.

But as a Moroccan proverb says, 'Follow the liar till the front door.'

Well, he didn't get online that evening while he promised to do so... But why? Why do I feel like something is wrong? Maybe I just got used to chat with him for hours daily... I'd better go to sleep. It's already half past midnight, There's no way he get online now.

School was as usual, French classes followed by Arabic ones, and two hours of physical education. This Monday seems to be an usual one. I love Mondays; it the only day that I've got no classes in the afternoon. So I can enjoy my time at home and have a little nap. I sleep for about a half an hour then start to revise my lessons, well I have Math's test on Wednesday, so I must work for it. I start to practice doing some Math exercises till I got tired. It was already 6 pm, my mom called me to have some tea. I'm just one of tea biggest addict. It makes me feel so relaxed. I'm feeling so tired and sleepy, but since I've already had a half an hour nap, I decide to stay in the living room and chat with my family, since my mother and sister got some interesting gossip topics.

An hour later, I go to my room to prepare myself, since I had extra hours, English ones, something I believe I'll never be good at. Especially that Hamza and I decided to start speaking Moroccan Arabic "Darija" thanks to my distasteful English.

Well, yes I found out that he spent his childhood in Morocco, I know it might sound strange but I just didn't found it so, for a simple reason: the majority of my relatives live in Europe. Moreover his name was Hamza, an Arabic name used frequently here in Morocco. If he is really named Hamza, the thing I doubt actually is that it's been a week that he didn't get online. What's going on with him? I'm sure something is wrong? But what was it?

Hope you like this part. Thank you Faty flower's sister for helping me. Comment please.


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Published: 4/3/2014
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