H&M (4) - Part 2

The weird call!! A funeral ceremony...
After taking lunch today, my mother got a wired call that made her cry. Well, after she calmed down I came to know that one of her old classmate died in a car crush, and that she must assist to the funeral. My mother said that she was her best friend, and that it’s been ten years they didn’t meet since she moved to live in Europe. My mother was always asking her to come back saying, "There’s nowhere better than your home country," but she must've forgotten that sometimes people don’t have a large choice.

A half an hour later…

My mom prepared herself to go to the funeral. Luckily, it was a day off or she would have missed her best friend’s funeral.

I remember this woman, I still can remember a bit how she looks like. I was only five back then, and she used to visit us a lot. She was just like my mother, a funny woman named Aicha. She was divorced and had three children; two girls and a boy. The boy was the eldest, one of the girls was the same age as mine, while the other was 5 years younger I guess.

I know my mother very well, she’s a strong woman, but in a case like this she needed someone beside her. I couldn’t let her go by herself, while knowing that aunt Aicha was her best friend … more than a sister I would say; they were inseparable. And even when she traveled abroad, they used to spent a lot of time talking on the phone.

In a strange way I felt so sad too. I didn’t know why, especially that I barely knew the women, I didn’t meet her for ages…
Published: 4/7/2014
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