Holistic Medicine for Dogs

Dog lovers and dog owners cannot bear their beloved pets to be sick or ill. So for cure, dog owners are turning to holistic medicine (homeopathy, naturopathy) for dogs rather than going choc-a-block for antibiotics and allopathy and stuff. Similar to the way we are, with increasing awareness and credibility about alternative medicine. Scroll down to know more.
Alternative medicine and holistic medicine is fast getting popular with people across the globe. The reason for popularity is simple. The side effects of the conventional cures like antibiotics and other allopathic medicines is pretty evident. So, people are opting more and more for natural remedies and homeopathy, ayurveda and the likes. Just as we humans are. Well, who said that our pet dogs cannot have that benefit of natural treatment? Although, it is an upcoming branch of medicine and is an inexact science, it surely is paving its own way as far as dog care is concerned. So, to clear this whole brouhaha about holistic medicine for dogs, let's venture into the territory ourselves.

Alternative and Holistic Curing for Dogs

To start off, holistic medicinal approach means that it concerns the whole body, not just the affected part. It involves the treatment of the whole body. What with risky chemical treatments and rising drug costs, dog owners are choosing this same form of cure for their dogs. For dogs, holistic medicine can include herbal treatments, changes in diet and vitamin supplements as well. A significant factor is their physical and social environment. Alternative medicine is closely associated with holistic cure. There are several types of holistic treatments available for dogs, which are as follows and are as listed by the American Veterinary Medical Association.

I am sure you must have heard at least 5 out of 10 people you meet, going on raving about homeopathy. Well, yes, it is absolutely true. Homeopathic treatment really does work, given that the diagnosis is bang on. It has no side effects, but all said and done, it reaps benefits very gradually. You would not see a homeopathic medicine creating a miracle. The best part about homeopathy is that it also combines herbal agents and remedies to fight diseases and increases the dog's inner strength to ward off diseases. So, homeopathic medicine for dogs is a great way to maintain your dog's health. As we said, it is a holistic approach, so it does not 'only' focus and treat specific symptoms.

Chiropractic Treatments
Chiropractic treatment involves manipulating body parts for solution of health problems. This treatment is very effective in cases where you want to prevent chronic pain in dogs. It fundamentally overlaps with massage therapy, physical therapy and osteopathy. Chiropractic treatments focus on musculoskeletal system, based on the logic that related disorders affect the total health through nervous system, which means it can benefit dogs as well.

Nutritional Focus
One of the ways to deal with issues like obesity and strengthening dogs against chronic diseases is nutrition. A healthy diet for dogs, like a green beans diet, is a great way to deal with dog obesity. So, nutrition is a very crucial factor. Good food is the best way to good health.

Acupuncture is especially effective in cases where the dogs have ruptured discs and related traumas. In fully mature dogs, rather older dogs, acupuncture helps ease pain associated with arthritis. Acupuncture fundamentally stimulates the body's immune system, which helps it heal without any external substance. It entails insertion of needles in specific points of the body.

Apart from these, glandular therapy, flower essences and naturopathy are in the same league as the aforementioned. These holistic treatments work and come in the picture more so in case of chronic diseases like dog cancer. Holistic medicine for dogs with cancer is important, as the side effects caused by the harsh dosage of standard cancer medicines, have to be countered. Another thing these medicines are useful for is dog allergies. Holistic medicine gets to the root of the allergy and not just the irritant, thus, helps to get rid of the problem from the roots.

Method of Treatment and Diagnosis

Going to an expert vet or a holistic practitioner is the first thing that should be done. An examination done by the expert is always good. The consultation by the veterinary doctor or the holistic practitioner entails-
  • Examination and assessment of the current health status and past medical history of the dog or the pet.
  • Physical examination
  • Traditional Chinese Medical Exam, which will comprise the doctor assessing the tongue, pulse and other acupuncture points of the dog, whose sensitivity is crucial for overall internal health.
Holistic medicine and alternative therapy for dogs is a new trend in veterinary care. So there are bound to be some inconsistencies, and one needs to have patience. But in the long run, holistic medicine surely wins the race. So what is going to be your 'alternative' medicine for your dearest pet?!
By Medha Godbole
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