Hollow Angel

You will never understand.
There's a feeling I've been becoming more and more familiar with.
This my enemy.
My body has become an orb of sadness.
I'm a fragment of who I used to be.
Just a shell of what I used to be.
Hollow on the inside, but the exterior remains the same.
There's just a shadow of the old me left, lurking deep beneath.
I have...asphyxiated.
Mirroring myself, trying to fathom my existence.

If everyone is here for a reason, then what is mine?
Why am I here if everything is being taken away from me?
The few things that I had left...are gradually vanishing.

I am awake...but so tired.
I feel pain...and my eyes are leaking.
I...I...have lost everything.

My mind is encased in a thick heartache, and is drawn towards a light.

All the people...all the things I thought to be true...
There's nothing.

Will there be a tomorrow for me?
...I...I don't know.
Will I eventually breathe without feeling like my chest will collapse?

Now it begins.
Forgetting to hydrate...forgetting to breathe...forgetting to nourish...
"Forgetting or intentional?"
"...Intentional or uncontrollable?"

I'm trapped within my own sick game.
When I think it's comes back again.
Stronger this time.
Harder this time.

"...Daddy, what happens when we die?"
Published: 12/12/2008
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