Homage To A Brother

This is a bereavement poem…
Between the cradle and the grave,
Lay my brother’s misfortune and misery.
A trust and hope,
He had all his happiness and peace in my mother’s womb.
The umbilical cord was cut,
He ushered in to a life of total tragedy and trauma.
Unable to be a fighter, soft-spoken and sensitive that he was,
Sought shelter, safety and solace in my mother’s lap.
Broken home worsened his existence.
Not once, lady luck smiled at him.
He became the favorite of witch wizard..
Erudite and intelligent, he was.
But, whichever path he chose,
Witch wizard drove him to the great wall of failure.
Threshold and endurance gave way for self abuse to step in.
Slow and gradual deterioration and degeneration
Engulfed him.
His siblings prayed for his peace and welfare,
Whether dead or alive.
Their prayers never went unheard.
Death took him away with a swift and sudden sweep.
His near and dear ones feel the vacuum,
Which will never be filled.
Every heart prays, every mouth utters,
Only this.
May his soul rest in peace.
Published: 4/25/2007
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