Home Remedies for Getting Pregnant

If you are having difficulties in conceiving then leaf through this article that presents some simple home remedies for getting pregnant fast. Read on to know about natural fertility boosters...
Those who are trying to conceive, might be wondering whether there are any home remedies for getting pregnant soon. Yes, there are certain ways to increase the chances of conception. Knowing when you are most fertile is very important, if you want to get pregnant soon. Average time to get pregnant may vary from woman to woman depending upon her age and overall health. If you are desperately thinking about starting your family, then the following tips can be definitely helpful to you.

Home Remedies to Increase Fertility

Having Sex near Ovulation
If the question when I am ovulating is swirling in your mind, then you should know that you can find out the answer to this question by measuring your body temperature before getting out of bed everyday. Usually, 14 days after the ovulation, menstruation starts. Your body temperature rises slightly when you are ovulating. You can get pregnant naturally if you have sex near ovulation. Remember, the female egg is available for fertilization for 24 hours only while sperms entering your body are active for 2-3 days.

Correct Position
One of the best home remedies for increasing the chances of conception is choosing the correct position. Placing a pillow under woman's hips can help hold the sperms inside. Actually sperms are good swimmers but as you want to get pregnant fast, it is better to lie in bed for half an hour after sex. This helps prevent the leakage of sperms from the vagina. 'Man on the top' is considered as the correct sexual position for conceiving.

Leading a Stress-free Life
It is difficult to conceive if you are under any kind of psychological stress. Quitting alcohol and smoking helps increase the odds of getting pregnant. Excessive use of certain medications, pills, drugs, caffeine, soda, tobacco, etc. reduces the chances of fertilization of the female egg. They might even take away your libido.

Physical Examination
It is good to consult a doctor if you are trying to get pregnant. Undergoing physical examination helps get rid of vaginal infections that you might have. This increases the chances of getting pregnant naturally without any health complications. The doctor will also check for ovarian cysts, fibroids or inflammation of the lining of the uterus, etc. This ensures safe pregnancy and healthy baby.

Natural Fertility Boosters
If you have made up your mind and if you want to get pregnant soon, then you should forget about junk food, food with zero nutritional value. You should follow a healthy diet consisting of all essential nutrients like vitamins and minerals, antioxidants and amino acids, which are necessary for conceiving and holding the fetus. Men might increase the intake of yohimbe bark or yohimbe extract and women might opt for folic acid supplements or black cohosh. Just following a healthy and nutritional diet can also help increase the chances of conception.

Avoiding Lubricants
It is advised to avoid lubricants in the form of gels, liquids and suppositories. They might affect the sperm's ability to swim and fertilize the egg.

Only knowing about the most fertile days to get pregnant is not enough. You also need to know about pregnancy symptoms, otherwise you might misinterpret 'implantation bleeding' for menstruation. You need to take proper care of yourself once you get pregnant. It can be concluded that with certain precautions, you can definitely increase the chances of conception. Some people might consider 'following correct positions' as old wives' tales. But such home remedies for getting pregnant can't do any damage; there are chances that they might do some good.
By Leena Palande
Published: 1/19/2011
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