Homemade Gift Ideas for Teenage Girls

Homemade gifts are dear as they have a personal touch to it. Here is a collection of inexpensive gift ideas for teenage girls.
When it comes to gifting a teenager, most of us are confused and cannot decide on a single gift easily. Teenagers, specially teenage girls, are very difficult to impress as their choices keep on changing with the changing seasons or even months. She may have one idol today and may like something completely opposite later. In that case, naturally buying a present can also be difficult. Secondly, you may be inclined to buy her an expensive bag or an outfit to impress her, but, you are completely broke. But, worry not, the following gift ideas for teenagers will be helpful to you to find a perfect gift.

Homemade Gifts for Teenage Girls

You need not always buy something expensive when gifting someone. A gift is a token of love and care and any form of it is always appreciated. So, if you are looking for inexpensive and homemade gifts, go through the following ideas:
  • Handmade Jewelry: Jewelry is something that no girl can even have enough of and hence, she will be happy to own some more. Handmade jewelry made of beads, shells, wire, crafts, etc. is one of the best gifts for teenage girls. You can make matching earrings and bracelets if possible to make a complete handmade set.
  • Photo Frame: You must be having pictures of you, friends, together on numerous occasions. Now, select one of the best photos, make a photo frame or take an already existing one, decorate it with arts and crafts and your gift is ready. To personalize it, add some text to the back of the picture or attach a letter along with it.
  • Handmade Journal/ Art book: Most teenage girls love to keep memorabilia of their growing years, friendships, relationships, etc. In such cases, what can be a better option than gifting a handmade journal or an art book? Make it on your own, decorate it or even customize it with a monogram to make a perfect gift. If she is an avid diary writer, you can even consider gifting a diary.
  • Gift Basket: Gifts for teenage girls also include gift baskets made at home. A food treat gift basket, book gift basket, chocolate gift basket, etc. are some ideas for making gift baskets at home. Or, you can even buy cheap assorted beauty items, put them together in a basket and make a beauty basket at home.
  • Treasure box: As mentioned above, a teenage girl already has an envious collection of jewelry, so why not gift her a jewelry box made at home? You will find several arts and crafts plans for making a wooden box at home. You can decorate it with glitter or sparkle powder and gift her. She can even use it to treasure her treasures!
  • Handmade Clips/ Barrettes: This is also one of the simplest and inexpensive gift idea that you can make at home. Making barrettes or hair clips at home is also simple, and you will need only a couple of raw materials for it. You can make 2-3 homemade clips and barrettes of different types and colors.
  • Knitted Scarf: Although every girl and woman craves to have Hermes scarves, they will also love a simple yet stylish knitted scarf for a gift. If possible try to find out her favorite color, the color that matches her school or winter robes, etc. and make it accordingly.
  • Cash: Lastly, if you can't decide on any of the gift ideas, or do not have time to make them at home, you can think of gifting cash as birthday or Christmas gift. Cash or a gift certificate with a personalized note attached to it can also be a last-minute yet thoughtful gift.
Apart from these handmade gifts for teenage girls, one of the other best idea includes baking an exotic cake, decorating it and gifting it for her birthday. Definitely, no gift can match that. Good luck!
By Madhura Pandit
Published: 3/4/2011
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