Hope Poems

When you give up on something in your life, that will be the time you might just need words that give you hope, words that get you going. Here, we bring you a collection of poems about hope. We hope you like them.
The Road to Destiny
A poem of hope. When the journey seems so long, there lies your awaited prize.
Mirrored Image
...unable to come up with a description, all I can say about this poem is that it is filled with deep thoughts and strong emotions.
I'm Not Okay
This is a real story of my life. I am seeking to live again coz all the hope is lost. Can somebody save me?
Burn in Flame
A simple poem about myself I guess - after spending years of wondering what is wrong with me for being so depressed all the time, I've finally found a little glimmer of hope. I have also uploaded this to my account on...
Things Come Together
Our scattered opinions could still make a whole if only we can take time to reason together.
Looking back through distorted memories.
The Razor's Edge
When the heart is broken, the mind faces a dilemma.
Worry Not
A poem of hope in the face of tribulations.
What I'm Feeling
This was written in the spur of the moment. Just capturing what I was feeling.
I Knew I'd Make It
The joyous song of my heart.
Come Out and Dance
A soul-freeing poem.
The Nation Says 'No'!
I fear for my nation, I fear for my freedom!
Those Simple Words!
Hopefully, you guys truly enjoy.
Waning Moon
Even if you're trapped in your cage, you should still dream. If you still have a long way to go, you would be a bigger fool for not chasing your dream. A dream helps you exist.
I Accept Not
Translation of an Urdu poet's interpretation of 1980s dictator regime. The poet is a famous person all over the world. His name is Habib Jalib and most of his work centers around Socialist ideals.
Glitter with Name
A bright shining start does not only give light but more.
In Search of Light
Often we keep on searching for something outside when, what we need actually lies within us.
New Moon
This poem is to encourage you when difficulties seem too much, but don't give up because there is hope at the end.
A Loveless Poem
When everything feels so technical..
East of the Moon
Tripping off the edge of the world. The enticement of drugs, the temptation of fools.
Living in the Present
Don't worry, be happy.
Believe, Be Brave, Be Free!
A bit of a political rant, an ideal of freedom.
The Lady of the Evening
What can I say, it was an odd day.
High and Mighty
Just a poem about a situation I'm in.
I Wish I Could Do More
For a very dear friend going through some bad times.
A Glimmer of Hope
"Where hope would otherwise become hopelessness, it becomes faith." - Robert Brault.
Freedom Amuck
This was one that took me awhile. It was a school assignment! Hope you like it!
I, Phoenix... Do
Just something sweet for places where hope was once lost.
Sunset and Sunrise
Well, this is what I think whenever I think about these two phenomena... sunset and sunrise.
The Sunshine Through the Fog
Little bit of rays coming through.
Take My Words Away
When every word is questioned, and silence prevails.
That One Person I Wanted To Be...
This is a short poem about who I want to see in me after years of hardworking and determination. And I'm pretty sure I will see her some good day when I stare at her in me, telling that I've succeeded.
With Broken Arms
I wrote this to give hope.
Battling the demons within.
I Am Broken
Simply how I feel...
These Tears of Mine
Despair to hope like life.
Pages of Me
Waiting to be written...
A journey to my future.
Imagine: Living a Life in Outer Space
Imagine if life is perfect in outer space.
Just Another Day!
Nowadays people are like machines. Look back at your life, what do you see? Is it a boring, dull life or a fun and joyous life? Just for once enjoy your life. Spending time with family and friends etc... Then you don't have to tell...
Console Me, My Lover
This is one of my free verse poems that I conjured whilst discussing the broken lives of my friends and mine at dinner, the other night. It's not one of my best ability to be poetic, but I digress, I did try half-heartedly....
To the Ground
A great message for all. Please comment.
Yin-Yang is what I could come up with the name. Truthfully I'm not depressed but these words started itching at my chest today. It's not the best but they're words of truth. This poem/lecture type message was written to reach out...
Just Tell Me And I'll Be There
Just tell me all your concerns, I will try the best that I can...
A Cold Walk in the Snow
Some dark stuff here, enjoy!
My Pen
You guys asked for a new poem so here it is.
Will You Ever Come Back And Hold On
I'm not sure if we're at the same place anymore.
Have I Loved and Lost?
Don't give up on love even if you feel like you've had your chance.
One More Day
Thank you for visiting my page, please feel free to leave your feedback.
My Resurrection
Love can raise you up again!
A Glimpse of Hope
Life is worth living, if one goes through different situations and comes out as a winner. This poem is all about living positively with a glimpse of hope...
Pen to Paper
Hey guys, finally a new entry from me. I hope it's worth it. For every writer out there, I know you have felt like this more than once. Enjoy!
Eternal Silence
This is my first time of going public. Please read it and comment. I need to know my weakness and I need you to do that. The poem is a result of my reflection on the past injustice and inhuman treatment that was melted out on...
I'm Not Giving In...
He lost so much more than I ever did...
I Will Fight...
But I won't lose control, I'll be fighting until the end...
Close Your Eyes...
I find my mind is my best escape...
The Wrinkled Scent
He lived his life as a flower vendor but it didn't fetch him a penny. Since he didn't know anything else to do, he found happiness in whatever he did.
Sun's Message of Hope
The daily rising and setting of the sun conveys a powerful message of fighting the battles of life with hope and strength and not wavering till we attain our goals!
Social Anxiety
Hope all like it!
Breeze's Touch
A world with no harm, a world with no hurt. Hope you feel breeze's touch.
Little Red Balloon
I was inspired to write this poem after reading a children's poem by Jeff Foxworthy.
This Land is Yours
What hope for the youth of today?
Keep That Smile
I'll get through this. Negativity isn't getting me anywhere. If I keep smiling then I know it'll be ok. Nothing can bother me at this point... I'm too giddy about the future! Hope you like it!
The Sun That Shines
There is always hope, even in despair.
The End Is Where I Begin
Have to think new in order to heal from heartbreak or misery... Comment plz.
Refusing to Fall
Have you ever felt as if you just keep falling? As in, your life is spinning in circles, out of control, and there is nothing you can do? Nothing you can say? Nothing that will keep you from that sudden end?
Power of One
Lift yourself to be who you can be, the power is inside You...
The regaining of ones' self from darkness.
A Better Tomorrow
I'm just hoping I can live through today so I can be strong for tomorrow. Hope you like it!
You Are The Way
Change your perspective about the things you consider not working out and you'll see that there is always a way.
The Nights
He showed me the way.
Hopeful Imagination
What we in our present day are battling our conscience to live by are what we are made to believe. None of us were there when this writers pour out their hearts through their pens. But what their pens had pour out from their hearts...
Precious Gift
The gift of hope to a broken heart.
Just think over all the things you've done until now. Blaming god is easy but accepting your faults is tough. Just think and comment.
Live Like There's No Tomorrow
If you're sad or upset about anything, read this and comment.
The Light
There is always hope, keeping holding on.
Life taken for hopes.
You Mean More To Me
Please feel better soon, I hate to see you down.
It's Never Too Late!
We have failures which tend to break us into pieces. It is at a shattering moment a man talks to himself .......
Hope Against Hope!
A look at what sensitivity can do to child-like innocence that's open to good, but unable to distinguish between good and bad.
No Longer Cry
A short sweet ode to a friends woe.
The Ghost Of Elvis
A short poem about love and hope.
Patience, Time and Hope
This was from my school notebook, my first poems. Enjoy!
Haiku - Hopes and Hurdles
On the way to achieve something, there are always hurdles and at the same time, possibility of a ray of hope. A Haiku to capture those moments...
Hope and Happiness
Our life is very strange. The course of our life changes in seconds, from happiness to bitter disappointment.
A Love So...
Everyone longs and hopes...
Lost Hope
Feeling like all my hope is running out.
When Hope is Lost...
Pondering on how hopelessness can be hopefulness personified.
Wrote this after everything.
Promise Of A Brand New Day
Tomorrows are colored in brighter hues, if todays are splashed in reds and greens. What's stopping you from celebrating the circle of life?...
Reality And Hope
This is a poem that someone close to me wrote. I think it is really good
"Happy And Hopeful"
Best wishes for new year!!!!!
A hope...hanging high.....