Hopeful Imagination

What we in our present day are battling our conscience to live by are what we are made to believe. None of us were there when this writers pour out their hearts through their pens. But what their pens had pour out from their hearts is bringing to our knowledge what they thought this we should live by.
Journeying from different directions
Aspiring for an hopeful imaginations
We struggle to live by the lay downs of
Some dusts of dusts
Cajoled by a sense of assurance

We battle our consciences with someone else's
Standing on our own firm ground on someone else's
We thus pierce it's roots firmly

Into the farthest grounds of our soul
As time winds by
We are tempted by different perspective
That are worth believing too
But as most of our ancestors as done

We shake it off and step on it
And keep looking ahead of us
Hoping to see that castle that has
Rooted it's foundation in the deepest grounds of our soul
Just a brick! Just a brick! Just a brick!

Picked up by many hungry souls
Hoping it would make a castle
As was written on the brick
By the brick layer that molded the brick
We thus put our head into a forever duty of Imaginations
That we silently pray and hope is our Destination.
Religious Imaginations and Hopeful Imaginations

This poem is from my wonderful and powerful novel 'Happenings'. The secret behind 'God', 'Man' and 'Satan' where the story of the past, present and future are all exposed to save the whole 'World' from coming to an 'End'. 'Read' every chapter of 'Happenings', a story about four young researchers in 'Egypt' trapped in the 'Grave Sanctuary'. Where they are infected with 'The Mark Of Trance'...Rebellious and Helpful Angels now see the only chance waited for 'Centuries' to tell man the secret of stopping the 'World' from coming to an 'End'.....prophecies are coming to pass but that of the 'World Ending' should never come to pass....The judges of this are the 'Four Young Researchers' in 'Egypt' and the 'Rebellious Angels' in between 'Heaven and Earth'.
Published: 6/4/2011
Bouquets and Brickbats