Horizon of Love - Chapter 1 (Part 2)

Flashback... Reasons why he wanted to end his life..
"Darpan, boss is calling you." Rakesh said to him.
"Not again." He said and went to his boss.

"You called me?" He asked.
"Yes, come in." His boss replied and asked him to sit.
"Thank you."
"Give the presentation."
"It's not ready, sir."
"Why? Was I not clear when I asked you to get it ready by two."
"You definitely were, sir. But I had tons of other things to do and..."
"Where do you get these excuses from?"
"These are facts, not excuses and there are so many mistakes in the file. Daisy has not cross-checked it."
"Now stop blaming others for your delay. I want the presentation ready within an hour. Did you get that?"
"An hour? But sir..."
"Am I clear?"
"Em... yes... yes sir."

Darpan goes to his desk and rests on the chair, closing his eyes.
"You're OK?" Sankalp asks.
"Yeah... I'm fine."
"You can't lie me you know that. So tell me what happened?"
"Nothing... just fed up of all this. You know our boss. He is just screwing me up. How can I complete the presentation in an hour? There are so many mistakes in this file. But he'll never see Daisy's fault."
"It's Ok.."
"And Avantika is also not receiving my calls, neither is she replying to any of my messages."
"You had a fight again?"
"Ya... I mean... it was... yes... we fought again."

"Darpan, this is the hundredth time that you fought with her in last one year of your live-in. And by the way, what was the matter?"
"Nothing... not much, just leave it."
"Yeah, leave it. Now you are hiding things from me. Good."
"It's not like that. It was the same problem. Last Saturday Avantika went out for dinner with Sanjay. I came to know this from one of my friend who saw them in a restaurant. I mean, I don't mind if she goes with him. I know they are just friends but she should have at least informed me."

"She went with Sanjay without informing you, and you still assume them to be just friends. You are so stupid, Darpan."
"I also misunderstood them at first, but now I trust Avantika. I think I overreacted yesterday."
"I don't know what to tell you. But... I don't trust her."
"I know only one thing, Sankalp, that I love her a lot."
"Hmm... So I have an idea to turn your day into a romantic one."
"I'll help you to complete work as fast as possible so you can leave for the day. Go home with bunch of roses and surprise her. She'll be happy by this."
"Good idea."
"So what are we waiting for? Let's start working."

Darpan and Sankalp completed the presentation in an hour and handed over to the boss. He was happy with the presentation and allowed Darpan to go. Darpan directly went to the florist and bought a beautiful banquet of red roses. Smelling its fragrance, he gave a smile and went home. But, to his surprise, he saw Sanjay's car parked in the parking lot under his building. He threw the banquet and rushed towards his house. He rang the bell several times in anger. Avantika opened the door.

"Darpan, how come you came home so early today?" She asked.
"Why? Aren't you happy?"
"No. I mean... I am... I am happy."
"O' really! Doesn't seem so."
"Why are you saying like this?"
"Nothing. I just felt, so I said."

Darpan hugged her tightly.
"You are hurting me." Avantika said.
"I'm sorry." Darpan said unwrapping his arms. He started looking for something.
"What are you searching?" Avantika asked.
"Wrong question. It should be, who are you looking for." Darpan taunted.
"You should be."
"Darpan, what are you searching?" Avantika shouted.
"Sanjay." Darpan shouted with a loud tone.

Avantika looked at him shocked.
"Sanjay, no need to hide. I know you're here. Come out." Darpan shouted again.
Sanjay came out from their bedroom. Darpan started clapping and laughing. "Thanks Avantika. Thanks a lot. This is what you are giving me in return of all the love I showered on you."

"Let me explain once." Avantika said.
"Explain? What will you explain? What explanation I can expect from you? It's all crystal clear."
"Darpan..." Avantika said holding Darpan's hand.
Darpan threw her hand away.
"Stop it. Just stop it." Darpan said and sat on the couch.

"Just go away, Sanjay. I want you out of my house now." Darpan said.
"He'll not go anywhere." Avantika said.
"Yes. Don't forget this is my house, it's my decision who should stay with me."
"Fine, then I'll leave."

Darpan looked at her in shock.
"I don't believe you just said that." Darpan said.
"Believe it. Or shall I repeat it?" Avantika said with a smirk.
"How could you be so mean?"
"I am being mean? Why are you being so over-possessive? Whatever I have done to you today, I have no regrets for that. It's all because of your over-possessive nature."
"I am over-possessive? Yes, I am possessive... but I have to be. Because you are over-friendly with everyone."
"Enough. I can't bear this anymore. Just leave my house."
"Now." She shouted at the top of her voice.

Darpan was unable to say anything. He was numb. After a while he went to the bedroom to pack his bags. He packed his bags and sat on the bed for a while. He looked around and imagined Avantika and Sanjay on bed. He rushed into bathroom, turned on the shower and stood under it. He was totally trodden away. He was completely heartbroken. His heart was aching badly. He wanted to cry but didn't want to show Avantika how much he was hurt. So he changed his clothes and left the house silently. While leaving he saw Avantika and Sanjay standing in the balcony. Sanjay had placed his arm around Avantika's waist. Darpan felt like smashing him but controlled himself and left.

He went to the beach and sat on the bench placed over there. After almost an hour his phone rang. It was Sankalp.

"I hope I am not interrupting your romance." Sankalp said and giggled.
Darpan wept badly on phone.
"What happened? Where are you?" Sankalp asked.
Darpan was still crying. Sankalp heard the sound of waves.
"You are at the beach? I am coming in a while." Sankalp said and hung up.

Sankalp reached there after fifteen minutes, looked at the bags and sat beside Darpan.
"What happened?" He asked placing his hand on Darpan's shoulder.
"Everything is over." Darpan said and started crying.
Sankalp hugged him and consoled him.
"Stop crying. First tell me what happened? What are these bags doing here?" Sankalp asked.
Darpan told all that had happened. Sankalp stood up in anger.
"I know how to handle her." Sankalp said and started moving.

"It's over Sankalp. No need for all these tantrums. I am just fed up of these fights and arguments. It's better to end it. She is not happy with me." Darpan said holding Sanklap's hand.

"She has hurt you so badly and you are still calm towards her. I know there are lot of things going in your mind. Why don't you release your mind? Just go and fight with her." Sankalp said.

"It's of no use. I have understood that she has dumped me." Darpan said as tears rolled down his cheeks.

Sankalp hugged him again.
"Don't worry. Everything will be fine. Let's go." Sankalp said carrying Darpan's bags.
"Where?" Darpan asked in confusion.
"My place. Look, now I don't want any ifs or buts. You're coming with me and that's final."
Before Darpan could say anything, Sankalp took his bags and kept in his car.



Darpan - First lead of this story working in an Accountancy Firm. Frustrated, disheartened, wishing to end his life.
Sankalp - Darpan's best friend.
Avantika - The girl who betrayed Darpan.
Sanjay - The guy for whom Avantika betrayed Darpan.


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Published: 1/7/2013
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