Horizon of Love - Chapter 2

A dream or reality.
It was very foggy. You could barely see anything. The background was milky white, like something from the old stereotype movies.
'Where am I?' Darpan wondered.
"It's heaven." I said.
"What?" He said in perplexity.
"Welcome to heaven." I said.
"O' God! Is this for real? I mean... finally I'm dead?" He said in excitement.
"To your disappointment, no."
"What the hell? Is this kind of funny? Where the hell I am? And who are you? I can't see you clearly."

I appeared in front of him, dressed in white and wearing a smile on my face. He kept staring at me.

"I'm Angel." I said.
"Nice name." He said.
"It's not my name. I am an angel. Your guardian angel." I giggled.
"Now that's funny again. I am in heaven and you... are an angel. Right?"
"Hmm." I nodded.
"Right. That basically means... I'm dead?"
"No dear. You are somewhere between life and death."
"It's very confusing. I went to suicide and now I am here in heaven. That means I should be dead."
"Yes, but you are not. It's not you who will decide whether you should live or not. The decision is always on to Him. Your time has not come yet, so you have to live."
"But I deny. I don't want to live anymore. I am fed up of my life. It's enough and better to die than to live a lifeless life."

"How can anyone be so abrogating towards his own life? Being your guardian angel, I don't allow you to commit suicide. You have to live until your time comes."
"And how do you think I'm gonna follow your words. How could one live a deplorable life?"
"You have to. You don't have any other option as such."
"That's disgusting. It's my life, who are you to decide?"
"Remember, God has given you this life. You have no right to destroy it."
"You know how much difficult it is to live as a human on the earth? Being honest, in your work screws you up but being disloyal gains you lot of appreciation. Loving someone so much but getting betrayal in return, doesn't it hurt you? Huh, how would you know all these, you're just an ANGEL after all."

"I do agree. You might be having a pathetic life, but why people don't understand that ending up life doesn't end your problems. God has given you life, let him decide when to end it. Is it so tough to accept the precious gift of God? By committing suicide you are insulting God as you are rejecting his precious gift. He is giving you life to enjoy everything but people want everything to enjoy life. Nothing is perfect and so is life. People have to accept it as it is. And if you want to change it, first change yourself. Life... is so exciting. Make it adventurous. When you feel like ending up, think about people around you who love you and need you."
"No one on the earth needs me. Nobody even cares for whatever I am going through."
"That's totally false."
"Prove it."
"Well, take Sankalp.."
"Yeah, take Shruti. I was just messing up their lives. They are a happily married couple, they don't need me."

His last sentence confused me.

"What are you thinking? Just end this and declare me dead." Darpan said.
"What if I prove you wrong?" I asked.
"Prove me wrong. How?" He said with a small giggle.
"Well, I'll come with you, I mean stay with you and prove you wrong. I mean, basically I will come with you on earth and let me just solve your problems."
"Yeah right. Solve my problems. You are an angel, even if you come with me things will be easy for you."

"In that case Mr. Darpan, I would really be happy to come with you in a human form. Would that make difficult for me now?"
"Are you sure you want to do this?"
"Pretty well, yes."
"And what if you fail proving me wrong about my beliefs about life?"
"Do whatever you wish."
"God, I can't believe this is actually happening to me."
"Trust me. That would be fun for you."
"Alright. Let's do it."
"Sure, just hold my hands and close your eyes."


Darpan slowly opened his eyes and saw a fan rotating on a plain white ceiling. He stared at it for a while. He looked on his right side and found himself on bed with plate of medicines lying on the table. He understood that he was admitted in hospital.

"Thank God! It was just a dream." He sighed in relief.
"No it wasn't." I said.
Darpan looked at me in shock.
"Angel." He said in both perplexity and disappointment.
"Yeah. Good to see you back."
"Oh no!"
"How are you feeling?"
"I actually feel better after seeing you. How could I feel? It's pathetic."
"Hey, don't take too much stress, it's bad for your health."
"Is there anything that could get better now?"
He started coughing. I went near him and kept my hand on his shoulder.

"Hey, relax. I'll bring water for you." I said and went out.
Sankalp came to see Darpan just as I left his room.
"Darpan." Sankalp called him.
"Hey." Darpan replied.
"Thank God you're safe." Sankalp hugged him and said.
"Ya, I'm fine. Don't worry." Darpan said.
"Don't worry? You idiot, you know I was so worried about you. Why did you do this? Didn't you ever got a thought about me? I could have never forgiven myself if anything would have happened to you." Sankalp's eyes became wet as he said this.
"Hey, look, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hurt anyone."
"Sorry. Is this what you want to say? Why did you do this?" Sankalp sat beside him.
"Darpan, don't ever even think of doing this again." Sankalp said holding his hand.

"I was also just trying to make him understand the same thing." I said as I entered the room.
Sankalp stared at me in confusion as I handed a glass of water to Darpan.
"Who's she?" Sankalp asked to Darpan.

"Hi! I'm angel, Darpan's friend." I said to Sankalp.
"Hi! Sankalp, Darpan's friend." Sankalp said giving a formal handshake.
"Yeah, heard about you from Darpan."
"Strange, but he never mentioned you."
"That's because, you don't know her and we are also meeting after so many years. She is my school friend and has come here in search for a good job."

The doctor entered the room.
"So, how are you feeling now?" The doctor asked him.
"Better now."
The doctor examined him for a while.
"Good progress. You can go home now. Just finish up the formalities and you may leave." Doctor said and patted Darpan's back.
"Thank you." Darpan said.
"You two, come with me." Doctor said and left.
We followed him into his cabin.
"Please have a seat."
"It's nothing serious as such but still be careful in dealing with him. He is still under depression. He actually needs your support. Just be with him, support him always. Rest, don't worry, you can take him with you.
"Thank you." We greeted him and went to Darpan.

"So, ready to go home?" Sankalp asked him.
"Ya. But, I'll be going to my place." Darpan said.
"But why? You have to come with me. I can't let you live alone there."
"Eh... don't worry I'll be staying with him." I said.
"You sure? I mean will you take care of him." Sankalp asked.
"Of course, I don't have any other work as such. That means I can take better care of him."
"OK. But still Darpan I would insist to come to my place." Sankalp told him.
"No, that's totally fine with me. I'll go to my place. And you can surely trust Angel."
"Fine, I'll come with you now and first I'll see and then decide."
"And that's final."

We sat in Sankalp's car and headed to Darpan's home.


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Published: 2/4/2013
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