Horizon of Love - Chapter 3

Life is to be enjoyed, not endured.
We reached to Darpan's house. I came out of the car and held Darpan's hand as he was trying to stand up from his seat. Sankalp noticed it. Darpan gave the keys to Sankalp and he opened the door.

"Welcome to my home... my house." Darpan said.

We entered inside. It was nice with good interiors and the hall was big. The house consisted of two bedrooms attached with balconies, a hall, a kitchen, a storeroom and a vast terrace with a beautiful swing. The furniture was covered with plastic so to protect from dust.

"I think this needs a little cleaning. So, Darpan, where is your bedroom?" I asked.
"That one." Darpan replied pointing to the room on our right.
"OK. First I will clean your bed so that you can rest."
"And meanwhile I'll go and manage the dinner." Sankalp said.
"Ya, sure." I said.

Sankalp left.

"So, Darpan, you just stay here for a while I'll arrange your bed. And don't bother I'll find all the stuff myself." I said.
"Look, no need for all these things. I can do it by my own." Darpan said.
"Shut up. I did not ask you anything. I was just informing you. Now stay here for a while."

I went inside the room. There was a bed in the center and wardrobe against it. I thought of arranging the wardrobe later and cleaning up the bed first. So I cleaned up the bed and called Darpan inside.

"Well, I have arranged your bed. So rest till Sankalp comes with the food till then I'll arrange the dinning table." I said.
"Angel, aren't you tired? Or are you still in your divine angel form?" Darpan asked.
"I told you, I'll come with you in a human form. And I never break my promises." I giggled and said.
"Why are you doing all these things for me?"
"Because I want you to relax and enjoy your life. I am here to make you believe in life. Remember?"
"Yeah, all the best."

"Now, rest for a while. I'll call you once Sankalp is in."

I wasn't able to find the tablecloth, but somehow I managed it and arranged the dinning table. Within half an hour, Sankalp also came back.

"I'll arrange the plates, you call Darpan." I told to Sankalp.

Sankalp went to Darpan's room.

"Darpan." Sankalp called him, but he did not wake up as he was fast asleep.

Sankalp placed his hand on Darpan's shoulder and shook him.

"I am feeling sleepy. Let me sleep, Avantika." Darpan said, yet in sleep.

"Darpan, Avantika is no more with you. Just get up from your dreams and come to reality. Wake up." Sankalp said in a bit loud tone.

Darpan opened his eyes and looked at Sankalp.
"I'm sorry." Darpan said.
"Now get up, dinner is ready. I am waiting outside." Sankalp said and left.

Sankalp seemed a little pissed off after he came back.

"What happened?" I asked.

"He is still dreaming of being with Avantika." He said in frustration.
"He needs some time to come out of it."
"I can't see him like this."
"I can understand. But... just give him some time."

Darpan came out of his room. And by looking at his face, anyone could make out that he must have cried.
"You're fine?" I asked to Darpan.
"Yeah." He replied.
"OK. Then let's have the dinner."

I served the food. And we started eating. Darpan was lost in his thoughts. Sankalp noticed him and kept the spoon on his plate in frustration making a sound so that Darpan could come out of his thoughts. But Darpan did not respond.

"Darpan." Sankalp called out to him.

Darpan still did not respond. Sankalp looked at me furiously. I signed him to be calm.

"Darpan." I placed my hand on his and said.
"Hmm..." He finally replied.
"Where are you? Start eating."

Darpan left the table and went to his room. Sankalp was getting mad at his behavior. I calmed him.

"Don't worry. I'll look at it. I'll bring him back." I said to Sankalp and went to call Darpan.
Darpan was sitting on his bed hiding his face with his hands.

"What's the matter Darpan?" I asked him.
"Nothing. Just leave me alone." He said in a shaky voice.
"Are you crying?" I asked with concern.

I sat beside him and placed my hand on his shoulder.

"Sorrows get lesser when you share. Tell me what happened?" I said.
"This thing... everything what I do.. reminds me of her. We used to sit together for dinner. We shared food in the same plate. It's not easy to forget everything. I can't help it."

"I understand Darpan. No one is forcing you to do anything on an immediate basis. Take your time. But just show us that you are making efforts to move on. As I can understand your pain, I understand Sankalp's as well. He loves you so much. He can't see you like this. How could he be normal if you're not? And if you care even a little for him just get up and have you dinner. He is waiting for you outside."

I said and stood up.

"What are you thinking? Let's go." I said.
"I'll wash my face and come." Darpan stood up, wiped his tears and said.
"OK." I smiled and went out.

"He is coming." I said to Sankalp.
"Thanks." He smiled and said.

"Hey, Sankalp." Darpan came and called him.
"Ya, buddy." Sankalp said trying to be normal.
"I'm sorry." Darpan said and hugged him.
"Shut up. Don't be so formal. Let's have the dinner." Sankalp hugged him back and said.

We had the dinner, and Darpan did not eat much.
"So, now when I know that you will take care of him, I think I shall leave." Sankalp said to me.
"Sure, don't worry about him." I said.
"And, ya, any help required at any time, don't hesitate to call me. I'll be here anytime."
"Bye. And you too take care of yourself."
"Yeah, you too."

Sankalp hugged Darpan.
"See ya tomorrow in office." Darpan said.
"What office? You're not coming to office anyway." Sankalp said.
"Don't worry, I'll take care. He won't come to office." I said and smiled.
"Good night." Sankalp said.
"Good night." We said.


"So, I'll arrange my bed. Till then you can watch TV." I said.
"That's too much now, let me help you a little at least."
"Sure, but only once you are fit."
"I am fit and fine."
"Ya, fit to watch TV. And fine to take rest."

Darpan gave an ugly look.
"Stop giving that looks and let me do my work." I said and went inside my room.

I found a bed lying in center covered with plastic and a wooden cupboard in the corner. I removed the plastic and dumped it in a dustbin. I searched for a bed sheet but failed to find. So, I opened the cupboard to check if it was in and finally found it. I dropped few things on ground while taking out the bed sheet.

"Hey, you're fine?" Darpan ran inside.
"Yeah, just messed up your things." I said.

I started collecting things from the ground and he helped me with it. I came across one photo album and opened it.

"Hey, you look so cute with your nose all over." I said and laughed.
"I was two-year-old." He said taking the album from my hand.

He turned the photos and showed me his childhood memories. We came across the last photo.

"This is the last photo that I captured with my parents." He said with shivering voice.
"Em... I shall keep it inside now?" I asked just to change the topic.
"It was their 25th anniversary. And just after a month they met with an accident and..."

He took a deep breath and touched the photo with shivering hands. He was trying really very hard to control his tears.

"Oh! How could I forget?" I said and snatched the album from him.
"What?" He asked.
"It's time for medicine. I'll bring your medicines, wait here."

I kept the album back in the cupboard and went into kitchen to get his medicines. I came back to my room with medicines and a glass of water but Darpan wasn't in the room.

I searched for him in his room. But he was found nowhere in the house. I became nervous. It suddenly struck to my mind that I hadn't checked the terrace. So, I went to the terrace and fortunately found him.

"What are doing here?" I yelled from behind.
"Huh, you scared me." He said.
"So did you. I searched for you everywhere in the house. What are you doing here?"
"I scared you? Really? What did you think? I was trying to suicide again or... something like that?"
"Just shut up and take your medicines."

We went down and Darpan took his medicines.

"So, see ya in the morning. Good night." I said.
"Yeah, good night."
I went in my room, arranged my bed and rested on it until I felt my eyes heavy and slept.


I was here on earth only for a reason to make Darpan believe in life. A little care is what he needs. I'll just try to keep him engrossed in the present so that he detract his past. I want to make his present as happy as I could because I won't be always there for him. But that doesn't matter. The only thing that should matter to me is that I have to keep him happy. I started liking him. He is not bad. Actually, he is good. I saw the love for his parents in a tear that was peeping from the corner of his eyes while he was looking at the photo. And I know he misses them a lot. But his parents wants to see him happy. How do I know that? It's because I am.. I mean I was an angel and I spoke to his parents as well before coming to earth. They just wanted him to live his life happily. And I know he too wants that. I could clearly see in his eyes the desire to live. But I don't know what made him take a step to suicide? I want him to regret at his stupid decision. I just want him to realize what he could have missed if he could have committed suicide. It's easy to end your life but it requires a lot of guts to survive. Agree or not?
Published: 3/12/2013
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