Horizon of Love - Chapter 6

Be grateful for what you have, and work hard for what you don't have.
Next day we got ready for the interview. I wore a red dress that looked very elegant. Even Darpan praised for my looks. I was a bit nervous, but more of confident. I didn't know where the confidence came from. But my hopes were high and so were Darpan's. We headed toward the hotel and after fifteen minutes, we parked our car right in the vast parking lot of the hotel. We went to the reception and asked for Malvick. The receptionist called him and gave us a message to check out the hotel by the time he gets free from his meeting. So we proceeded to have a look at the hotel - The Royal.

The entrance of the hotel was big enough, followed by a lane that had garden on both the sides. One side of the lane consisted of children's park where kids were enjoying and playing. The other side of the lane had a mini golf course. Few people were seen playing golf. The garden was vastly covered with greenery. I was pleased by the sight. The parking was also huge with too many cars parked in. We entered the hotel. It was too extensive. It was a six-story building. The first and the third floor had guest rooms, the second floor too had guest rooms along with a bar where you can find alcohol ranging from Absolute Vodka to Chivas, to Vat 99... and so on. I mean I was not aware about the brands, but Darpan gave a rough idea about it. He told, these were considered as top brands in the field of exotic drinks.

The glasses were kept in very decorative manner. A huge window opposite the bar had artificial waterfall. Moving to the last floor, it had a huge gym equipped with latest machines to burn down some fats. The top-most floor also had a game zone for kids which comprised latest PlayStations and video games. We found some gadget-lover kids playing along with some young boys. It seemed they were having a lot of fun. We went to the garden that possessed a huge swimming pool. I wish I could swim in that pool. It was a tempting sight. Darpan had informed his office that he would be coming half day so he wasn't bothered about it. He too joined me in the journey to explore the hotel. After a while a guy came and asked us to follow him to Mr. Malvick's cabin. So basically, it was showtime. Darpan wished me good luck and I entered Malvick's cabin. His cabin was cold enough as the AC was full on. There was a small fish tank in his cabin that had colorful fish. After a few greetings and details, we continued with the interview. I was back within fifteen minutes.

Malvick had asked us to wait as he was going to introduce me to the general manager who would be carrying forward the rest of the interview. Malvick came to us after five minutes and asked us to follow him to kitchen. This was the first time we went to the kitchen. It was filled with aroma of various dishes being prepared by the cooks. It was filled with colorful spices and vegetables. The sound of sizzler was too appealing. I gave a smile to Darpan and he smiled back. We finally reached to the cabin of the general manager - Eric. Malvick asked us to stay out for a while and he went inside. After a minute he came back and asked me to get in. I went inside the cabin. It was not as huge or cold as Malvick's cabin. The AC was off, instead the ceiling fan was on. There was a beautiful sketch of a baby lying on its mother's lap on one of the walls of the cabin. Eric – he was sitting right in front of me, signing some papers. He looked at me as I entered and greeted me with a smile. O' my GOD! I was totally lost into his hazel green eyes. They had a different sparkling effect which attracted me toward him. An effect of a magnet, maybe. His eyes sparkled even more with his broad smile. I was totally lost in them.

"Please be seated." He said pointing toward the chair.

He had the most pleasing voice, I must say. I was still lost in reading his expressions. His eyes speak a lot. I don't know what they speak, but whatever it is, it's just making me crazily think about him. They are too deep.

"Miss Angel, are you from any anti-sitting association or have you taken an oath to annoy your interviewer?" He asked.
I came out of my thoughts.
"Sorry. What?" I said in perplexity.
"Kindly have a seat, Miss Angel."

Just as I heard my name from him, my heart skipped a beat. It seemed as if I am hearing my name for the first time. I was going crazy. Eric was not so good-looking guy who you can go crazy for. But his eyes are the only thing in this whole universe which I feel I would wish to keep looking into, until my last breathe. And his voice would be the last thing I would like to hear when I close my eyes forever. I noticed a little cut mark on his lower lip, like a fresh wound or something. For an instance, I had almost forgotten that I was there for my interview. I snapped myself out of my thoughts and concentrated on the interview, as I felt this was the only medium I could get this job and have the pleasure to dive into his ocean deep eyes.

We continued with the interview for five minutes and then he called a girl named Shailey. I was given a task to prepare a dish whichever I am good in. Eric was to judge it and based on that, he would decide whether or not I should be hired. I followed Shailey and she showed me the required ingredients. As I had less time for preparation, I thought of cooking spinach and mushroom pasta. After half an hour, the dish was ready to serve. It looked very appealing. Now, I was just waiting for Eric to comment on it. Shailey took the dish inside his cabin. After five minutes, Eric called me inside. Shailey too was sitting with him. He gave me a plain look which did not seem a good sign. I thought he did not like the dish. He asked me about the dish and I said all possible positive things about it, and how I prepared it with full enthusiasm and innovation I had in my mind at that time. I was told by Darpan to never lose confidence in front of the interviewer. I think I did it correctly. It seemed as if not the dish but at least my words were pleasing enough to get this job. He tasted the dish again and gave me the same plain look.

"The garnishing was good." He started.
"And... it was not that bad." He added and looked at Shailey.
"Sir, I assure you, I can cook better than this." I said desperately.
"Yeah, sure you can cook better than this. I mean, this is awesome."
"But... sir... wait. What?"
"Yeah, this is delicious. I was just kidding. I liked it. In fact, I am going to consume this whole of my own."
"Oh, thank you so much."
"Not yet Angel. You have to promise me, you will cook good dishes for me from now onwards."
"I promise you sir."
"Well, then join from tomorrow onwards."
"What? I am in?" I asked in excitement.
"Yes, indeed." Shailey said.

I was very excited. They asked me to wait outside as they were preparing the appointment letter. I went to Darpan thinking I'll tease him for a while saying that I could not make it. But the moment I saw him staring at me with the eagerness, I felt overwhelmed and hugged him in excitement. I told him everything that happened during the interview. We waited for ten minutes and Malvick came to us with the appointment letter and asked me to join the next day. I was excited. I wanted to meet Eric and say a special thanks to him but he was a bit busy so couldn't meet him. I hoped I could at least see him before leaving. Fortunately, I saw him at the corridor, yelling at someone on phone. He seemed a little tensed. He cut the phone and coincidentally looked at me. He smiled at me and left.

I wondered how sudden can anyone change their expressions. He seemed so frustrated on call and within nanoseconds he calmed himself and managed to smile. I must say people should learn anger management from him. Then I realized I was thinking so much about him. I was blushing. We left from the hotel to have our lunch. After lunch, Darpan dropped me home and left for the office. I looked at the appointment letter lying on my bed and smiled. The only reason for my smile was Eric. I thought it as an opportunity to be with Eric. I know he was the general manager so I might not get that much time to spend with him, but at least I can see him. I was going crazy. I don't know why I was feeling so. I think I was just attracted to him. Or may be more than that. All I know for sure is, I was confused. Within next few minutes, I fell asleep. I woke up after about one and a half hours and prepared coffee for me. Read the book which I left in between sitting on the swing in the terrace. I then went to take a walk in the park. I saw children in a playful mood.

"Eric." A lady shouted.

I turned back in eagerness and found a cute little boy named 'Eric' running toward his mom. It reminded me of him and I blushed unintentionally. If I would have heard this name before meeting, I would have not reacted in such a way. After a while I went back home and started preparing dinner. Darpan came from office and after sometime we settled ourselves for dinner. We got a call from Sankalp post dinner. He spoke to Darpan asking him about the office and his health. He also congratulated me for getting the job. I thanked him in return as he was the source of all these things. We had our dinner and went to sleep. I came to my room and stood before my wardrobe to look as to what to wear on the first day of my job. After a lot of confusion I finally concluded to wear a magenta dress. After the tough job of deciding what to wear, finally I slept thinking about… Eric, of course.


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