Hormonal Acne Treatment

Hormonal acne, is the typical acne problem, that any adolescent or adult would go through. Hormonal changes sometimes lead to chemical imbalances in the system, giving rise to acne. For a very long time it was believed that acne is a chronic issue and cannot be definitely treated. But the good news is, that it can be treated. Let's check out hormonal acne treatment.
Before we start off with the treatment for acne, it is essential to understand hormonal acne. It can occur at any stage in life, that leads to a hormonal imbalance or a hormonal change. So it could be around the girls first period or the first time the boy finds himself aroused. Many women have slight acne trouble in the start of every menstrual cycle. Yes, it seems like something you cannot avoid or deal with. But, there are treatments that you can undergo to rid yourself of this problem. Off the counter treatments for acne may not have positive effects as acne treatments, for hormonal acne.

Let's understand it better with a case

"Genevieve is a 30-year old. She recently got married to her long time boyfriend. Genevieve is a manager in a top-notch firm and holds great responsibilities. Exceeding working hours for better performance, is a part of Genevieve's lifestyle. She is used to it. Before marriage, Genevieve indulged in a weekly spa treatment that helped relieve her of her stress. Post marriage, however, she cannot get the time for this pampering. Soon, she noticed a zit on her face. She neglected it, thinking that it is a off-hand zit due to pollution. Now, she is battling recurring acne. Her skin has lost it's glow and Genevieve has lost her confidence."

Hormones and acne have had a long-lasting relationship. As hormonal acne is related to certain hormonal imbalances, it is clear that these imbalances need to be dealt with, in order to make sure that the problem doesn't persist.

Stress reduction
Stress reduction is the best treatment for hormonal acne. Mental stress plays an instrumental role, on the changes in the hormones. A stress-free lifestyle, beauty sleep, temper control, etc., help to maintain the optimum acid level and hence, avoid eruption of acne. It is a fact that day-to-day life can be quite stressful. The key in this case is to have regular stress release activities that make you happy.

Weight Loss
In case you are overweight, you might be facing recurring acne problems. Excess weight can convert estrogens into androgens. This is often responsible for acne problems. Weight loss activities will lead to flushing out of the harmful toxins, from the body and keep the hormonal balance in check. Hence, it is a really effective acne treatment for hormonal acne. Weight loss and maintenance is a long-lasting method for acne control, when combined with stress reduction.

Regular Cleansing
Hormonal acne is often a result of excess oil, clogging the pores. Hence, regular cleansing of the skin can be a great way, to address the problem and get rid of it. Regular and thorough cleansing of the skin will keep it oil free and avoid clogging of the pores. This way, the skin will stay fresh and radiant as well as acne free. In case you are not a patient of acne, regular cleansing and skin care is a great way to avoid it. No fuss no muss!

These three treatments are completely safe and consistent natural acne cures. They do not have side-effects and help the individual look great. More so, all three treatments are a great way to keep the skin younger looking for longer. It is like killing two birds with one arrow. Doesn't that make them the best acne treatments?

Other than these three treatments, certain medical options that balance the hormones, like oral contraceptives and anti-androgens can also be used. However, they may have side-effects, that differ from person to person. Hence, before administering these drugs, consult your dermatologist.

Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. A clear complexion is the perfect reflection of a clear heart. So, follow the instructions and stay beautiful. This is where I sign off! Have a good day!
By Rashida Khilawala
Last Updated: 10/14/2011
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