How Big is Your God?

My God is immeasurable, invincible; the Ancient of days.
You claim He is really big,
But you go ahead to form a league;
You surf the earth and deeply dig;
You gather disciples like seeds of fig.

What are you searching for in the earth?
What have you gone to do by the hearth?
Is your God as big as the earth?
Or are you offering Him sacrifices by the hearth?

Some say their God is this big,
Others say their God is that big;
But I say my God is so big;
Immeasurable than the seeds of fig.

Run to the meadows and mountains,
Climb the hills and fountains,
Search from West to North crossing the ford;
You're still under the footstool of my GOD.

How big is your God?
Published: 6/4/2016
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