How Do You Get a Girl to Like You

If only you knew how to get a girl to like you, everything would've worked out just right. Is that how you think? Then let's get to just that and provide you with some easy steps on how to make that happen. Ready?
As the black car pulls over onto the college curb and the male jock makes an exit from the car, garbed head to toe in designer wear and a confident air about, the girls throng his way and want to be with him. And there's the line of regular guys who watch in amazement. They just need to know how do you get a girl to like you. Even one. How does one get girls to notice them? How does one get their crush to like them right back?

There's no magic pill you can take, no magic chant you can recite to make that happen. But there are ways in which you can get a girl to like you right back. How, you ask? We are explaining in the following article. Read and you'll know.

How to Get Girls to Like You

I swear there are certain ways in which you can get a girl to like you. These have been known to work and get you what you want. Let's get to these fast, fast.

Dressing Well Doesn't Kill Anyone
First things first. Dress well and take care of your appearance. Nothing will put her off faster than having a bum to look at. Clean clothes, hair brushed into style, neat smelling perfume - a little effort in how you dress is a guaranteed way for how to get girls to notice you. Which is the first step in the 'getting them to like you' bit anyway. If they haven't noticed you, how can you expect them to like you?

Being Your Confident Self
Be confident. Be yourself. Don't doubt yourself at every step. It'll hamper your style and will not really get her to like you back. Also, never underestimate confidence. It's all in the being confident in what you do and how you do it that matters.

Getting to Know Her
If there's a particular girl in mind then you need to be introduced to her. Like now. Do it any which way. Via a common friend, casually start talking in one of the classes or hold the door for her. The point is to get talking. Then build on that and take it to the next level. Continue talking and getting to know her.

Making Her Laugh
Girls have this thing for a sense of humor, do you know? Get her to laugh and you're actually quite close. Be positive in what you say, have some funny incidents ready to be doled out. Knowing that you're great company will want her to spend more time with you.

Attention to Details
Pay attention to what she has to say and then remember the details of the same. Bring it into conversation whenever you can so that she knows you've been paying attention. What else? Compliment her, of course. Girls like compliments. You know that, we know that. Then use it to your advantage. And I mean compliment, not flatter. Find something unique that no one will probably notice like a small mole on her forehead and tell her it looks cute. Just see the happiness on her face thereafter.

The Power of Listening
Seriously. Just listen to her (Probably one of the best ways on how to get girls to want you) and you're set. Let's just say that girls love it when someone listens to what they have to say and asks for their opinions about things. Not being relegated into a conversation that is dominated by the other and there's no room for them is not something that is in their scheme of things.

Being a Friend
Being there for her. Now even if that is a wide term that could encompass so, so much, it's still what you have to do. If she can't depend on you, how are you going to get her to like you? Being supportive of her decisions, giving her your frank opinions or helping her out with things are some of the things that she'll need you for and you will be around, right?

Clingy and Not
Another important factor that you have to keep in mind - do not get clingy and needy with her. She's not going to like that one bit. So no matter if you've got all the other pointers right, this one is really the most important one. Why throw it all away by being super clingy? Just be there for her and she'll appreciate the friend you are. If you're being super nice any which way, there is really nothing that will get her to not like you back, you know? That's an often ignored tip, that should never, ever be forgotten.

Make Her Miss You
This one is really the test of it all that you've been working towards. You guys have a great rapport. You'll laugh, share and do whatever else that friends do. She depends on you for things. Now is the time you get her to miss you. Go away for sometime or act really busy with something. Let her see how life is without you. Chances are, she's not going to like it. Which is when she'll start questioning your importance in her life and when you return and maybe if you think the time is right, you ask her out - she might just agree.

How to get girls to like you? What felt like a gargantuan task at the beginning of this article, does not seem all that bad after you've got some tips, correct? Use these well, and any girl would be lucky to have you.
By Rujuta Borkar
Published: 3/8/2011
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