How Do You Tell if a Girl Likes You

The female species is difficult to decipher, but they will give you subtle clues that you are the object of their affection.
They say the females of any species are more complex and evolved than their male counterparts, my ego hurts when I say this, but it's true. Girls have intricate and mysterious ways of expressing their feelings, and if you don't understand them, you need to make extra efforts because they are worth it. Guys, in their endeavor to get a girl's attention, have written love ballads, built monuments, and have even started wars. If a girl likes you, she will most definitely give you some delicate signals that she is into you or a crude way of saying this will be 'she digs you'. Not all girls will come up to you and drop their phone numbers in your palms while blowing you a flying kiss unless you are Brad Pitt.

Girls will definitely give you signals that you are on their radar, although they will stop short of shouting your name from roof tops. Look out for these signs in a girl to gauge whether she likes you.

How do you tell if the beautiful creature fancies you, look out for that shy smile, a girl will smile in a magical way in front of the guy she likes. When she smiles, she will tilt her neck slightly to let you know that you are special and it's more than just friendship that she is looking for. She will smile for no apparent reason when you look at her, and might even bat her eye lids.

You must have heard about sign language, well girls use eye language to let you know that they like you. If she looks straight at you and holds your gaze it means she is into you. Eye contact will tell if a girl really likes you or not. Some shy girls will look at you, but the moment they realize that you are looking at them they will look away immediately.

You can tell if a girl likes you in middle school, if she pays attention to every word that comes out of your mouth or every silliest thing that you do. If a girl likes you she would want to know everything about you, and she will keenly observe every move that you make.

One of the ways you can tell, if a girl likes you in high school, is to check if she gets jealous when you are around other girls or when you talk about other girls. Relationship advice however dictates that you shouldn't be around other girls too often. Just mention that you like her friends dressing sense and see how she reacts, if she disagrees with you or doesn't acknowledge what you say, it's a sign of jealousy.

See if they are caring when they are around you. Talk about your sore back, that you have from a fall last night, they will tell you home remedies to cure your backache. If not then, they will act concerned and, ask you if you visited the doctor, time and again they will inquire about your well-being.

Dating tips in magazines say that if she likes you, she will stand close to you, if you accidentally touch her she will not move away and it's true. When she is standing in front of you, she will move her hands through her hair. When she talks to you she will touch your arm or your shoulder. She will laugh at your poor jokes and will tell you that you are very hilarious and fun to be around.

Look for tell-tale signs like she tries to help you by going out of her way. She shares intimate secrets or personal details with you, sharing her dreams with you is also a clear sign of her liking you.
By Indrajit Deshmukh
Last Updated: 9/28/2011
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