How Fast Can a Cheetah Run

Want to know how fast can a cheetah run? Is it really the fastest mammal on earth? Why not scroll down and find out for yourself from this article which I am sure you will find interesting.
If not in real life, then you may have definitely seen a cheetah running in one of the National Geographic programs or Discovery Channel, and for a second it might seem as if they are flying. They are said to be the fastest animals on land and this is not an exaggeration. People often get confused between a leopard and a cheetah due to their spots. The spots that you see on the cheetah, are round and black and their belly is white and they have the famous 'tear marks' running from under their eyes to their mouth. We often wonder how fast can a cheetah run and there have been several studies in order to find out the answer to this question. Scroll down and find out more.

How Fast is the Fastest Animal

The saying 'run like the wind' suits cheetahs when they run across the field after their prey. Various calculations and studies had to be done to find the truth and finally people have come to a conclusion; a cheetah runs at a speed of 70mph and the same in kilometers per hour or kph will be 113kph and that is like the speed of a car.

A cheetah run a 40 yard dash which is a sprint and covers around 40 yards or 36.58m. Here's the answer to your question; if the speed in miles per hour is broken down, then the answer to your question will be around 1 second for a 40 yard dash. If you are wondering the speed for 100 meters distance, then here's the answer to that question too; in one second if the cheetah covers a distance of around 30 meters, then it can cover 100 meters in 3.33 seconds. Let us now see what are the various physical characteristics that makes them run this fast.

What Makes Cheetahs Run Fast

The main reason is the structure of its body; it has a long backbone which is soft and can bend easily and it also allows the mammal to take great leaps. A small head and long powerful legs, also plays a major part in making the cheetah run so fast. The semi-retractable long claws on its paws help them to get a good grip on the ground while running. The long tail, and slim waist of these animals helps in balancing their body and the tail acts like a rudder while it is running. They also have large nostrils which helps to take in more oxygen and the enlarged heart and lungs help in circulating this oxygen properly and this is what gives the cheetah the energy to run fast. The cheetah is completely dependent on their speed for food and one tiny injury can prevent them from running fast and their lean body means that they have no stored fat to help them get by.

After running for such a long distance, the cheetah needs to rest for at least half an hour before it can run after its next prey.
By Ratnashri Dutta
Published: 2/3/2011
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