How Long does an Elephant Live

Elephants are one of the largest and most impressive land mammals on earth, with an average life expectancy of around sixty years.
Elephants are the largest mammals that live on land. There are two different kinds of elephants - the African elephant and the Asian elephant. You can identify an African elephant from an Asian elephant from the size of their ears and the tusks and their height. The ears and the tusk of an Asian elephant are smaller in size compared to an African elephant. An African elephant is taller and bigger in size than an Asian elephant.

An average life span of an elephant, irrespective of whether it is an African elephant or its cousin Asian elephant, is sixty years. In captivity, an elephant can live up to eighty years.

An adult elephant experiences most of the human illness attributed to old age such as cardiovascular issues and age-related arthritis. An adult elephant (male and female) is active reproductively till the age of fifty. An elephant would live till its last tooth wears out. Once that happens, an elephant would starve itself to death. If the elephant is not poached and culled, it can live up to the seventy years and more.
By Maya Pillai
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