How Men and Women Communicate Differently

If you want to understand why men and women communicate and behave the way they do, read the following article...
When it comes to communication, men and women might seem like enigmas to one another. For men, communication is all about exchanging of information, figures and facts. For women, communication is a way to connect with and improve upon their relationship with the other person. Since these two have completely different reasons for communicating, just imagine how frustrating and contentious it can get, if they do not understand how they communicate differently! So, to help both the genders have smooth conversations, given below is some useful information, which will help them understand each other's point of view.

Communication Style in Relationships

If you look at the communication between men and women in relationships, you will find that they are walls apart. Women in general, are very comfortable in expressing how they feel. Unlike men, they do not feel the need to hide their emotions or weaknesses. If you truly want to understand how men and women think differently, simply think of an emotional conversation you had with your partner. Usually, when women say that they are feeling lonely or too sensitive or sad, they simply want their partners to acknowledge how they feel. Men however, feel that they are being criticized or held responsible for what the woman is feeling. In most cases, men will offer the woman solution to how not to feel that way. This enrages the woman to no end as she feels that her partner is not empathizing enough.

Now, let's see how men communicate in relationships and how women react to it. All through their lives, men have been taught to be strong, never shed a tear or show that they are incapable. So, whenever they are faced with a problem, they withdraw. They like to think over their problems in solitude and find solutions to them. Women, being very good at mind reading, come to know that something is bothering their man, so they make efforts to find it out. The more a woman tries to question and reach out, the more the man withdraws and feels irritated. Ultimately, it ends with the woman feeling uncared for and unloved!

The Solution
Both these scenarios show how men and women are different! So, in order to avoid relationship issues and conflicts, both need to understand and improve upon one's communication style. Women should learn not to take it personally when men do not communicate their problems with them. Men on their part, instead of giving solutions, should learn how to listen more and empathize with their partner.

Communication Style at the Workplace

Women at workplace are proponents of equality. They display the same caring and sensitive attitude to fellow employees or subordinates, as they do to people they know personally. This workplace communication style may however be seen as a sign of low confidence by the men in workplace. Also, while arriving at a decision or while negotiating, women ensure that everybody's aware of the situation. They may seek opinions of others more than men in positions of authority would, this however may make the men think that the woman is incapable of taking decisions herself.

Men and women's communication styles vary a lot in the workplace too. Men do not like to ask a lot of questions at the workplace as they feel that doing so is a sign of weakness. Men also indulge in a lot of teasing, joking, pulling each other's legs as making fun of one another is their way of relaxing and taking their mind off work for a while! This behavior may not be taken too kindly by women who find it very immature! Lastly, men, true to their nature of not speaking much, do not give much feedback, whether positive or negative! So, if there are women working under them, they might feel that they are not being appreciated enough.

The Solution
For overcoming communication difference in the workplace, both men and women need to stop making assumptions or judging each other. Instead of finding faults with each other's communication styles, they should see how a particular behavior is helpful or not helpful in achieving the organizational goals. Men should be more forthcoming while receiving and giving feedback while women should be more assertive and not depend too much on other's opinions, while making decisions.

Here's hoping that with this information on communication styles, you will be able to improve upon your communication and relationships, at home as well as at work!
By Aastha Dogra
Published: 11/22/2010
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