How the Mind Grows Dark: Part 1

A story told by the man in the nurse's story and how his mind has turned. The creation of a serial killer.
My thoughts grew dark. All corners of my mind, crevices devoid of the light of sanity. A short tale I will tell to any of those willing to hear this dark story. I wasn't always like this I used to, in fact be a very logical man. A man with an alleged strong will. The mind can only take so much till wounds open wider and wider allowing this once flourished mind to be stained with crimson.

Love is a word with strong meaning. Nothing can slip past this emotionally binding chain not even death itself. She was beautiful, an absolute wonder. Her eyes alone can captivate you holding your heart to be confined in lust. No sight may compare to that of Emily. It's amazing, such a visual delight may first blend with the crowd, of course, until you hear her sweet soft voice. Words that take hold of your soul binding you to her sweet voluptuous lips. This was a disguise of the monster within. A manipulative beast using her beauty to tame the hearts of men guiding them to their inevitable destruction. A fate I would soon face myself sealing our fates in the darkness and the unknown. I gave her my heart and did anything to see her glistening smile. Showing her that she was not just a woman she deserved to be treated and regarded as a goddess.

I made a prayer to the lord asking for her hand. She meant more than life itself and the pit in my chest grew larger as long as I was without her; I was in threat of implosion and self-destruction. My wish was granted and she said 'yes' to my proposal. Eternal life in heaven couldn't compare to the happiness that filled my heart. She gave me my boy, the essence of both of us coming to life. He would become my legacy and carry on our name. Unfortunately that didn't happen. My son was a victim of the sea air leaving his lungs and replaced with the ice-cold water. This tormented me for years all at the same time my love for Emily began to hide itself as I was still cold from the tears that role down my cheeks. We began to slowly drift. I loved her with all my heart, there is no denying that my only mistake was not showing her.

She would leave at all hours in the night unaware that I knew. I watched her walk out and follow her to Charles' house. Knowing that she was betraying me was too much for love to hold on to. A darkness came over me, no longer filled with loss and remorse, but a cold logic that still makes sense. Watching her leave sitting in the leather chair in the living room. The darkness surrounding me and embracing me. Invisible I was as she passed through the front door opening it quickly to avoid the long scream of the old petrified wood. Slowly turning the knob to avoid the click as she closed the door behind her. I calculated and recorded the times at which he may be home alone contemplating a masterful plan. I waited for my whore to fall prey to the sandman and walked out in the shadows of night. Using a hair pin I picked the lock and opened the door. Slowly making my way up the stairs with a cloth soaked in chloroform. Entering the dark room I saw him in bed oblivious to my presence. Holding the cloth over his mouth he hardly put up a struggle opening his eyes and then slowly closing them once more.

Taking his almost lifeless body to the local cemetery’s dark crypt where I have a special surprise. There lay a wooden table in the shape of a cross his unholy body was strapped his arms and legs bounded as well as his head. I laid out a series of tools for me to experiment with during his torment a scalpel, a screw driver accompanied with nails and a bottle of whiskey. I couldn't help, but stare into his seemingly lifeless face allowing my anger to fester and eat away at my body causing pain and misery. Seeing the man that has stolen my wife defenseless and in my control makes me feel like god himself. There he lies asleep oblivious of the horrors that await him. I sat in the corner allowing only my body to be shown, I want my reveal to be almost theatrically. The room lit with candles creating an ominous glow around the room melting wax lay on the stones in which they are placed. He finally awoke from his slumber in complete and utter shock. The look of confusion and fright was stained on his face. He screamed as much as he could seeing myself in a chair in the corner, he cried out asking for my name. I slowly stepped into the light revealing myself. I tried my best to hold back a smile, but I couldn't I was simply overjoyed. To see him scared at the sight of me, made me feel superior. In his eyes, I could see the guilt that plagues him and will ultimately seal his fate. His eyes grew wide as I walked over to the table explaining to him my intent. I began talking to him, "I am your worst fear. I have watched you and my wife walk off together in the night exploring fantasies and your lust for another. You are responsible for my illness I am a new being. Am I here for vengeance? Yes and no it has become something more. I now wish to teach you as god has taught me. His lesson will live through these tools. No one will hear you scream, I only hope you don't misunderstand my intentions, I am not evil just twisted."

I took the long rusty nails and the screwdriver over to the table where he was strapped in screaming for help with a face of terror. I took one of the long rusty nails to his strapped hand and using the back of the screwdriver I dug it into his flesh then using the screwdriver I twisted it deeper and deeper into his flesh and bone tears rolling out of his eyes as he screamed in agony.

My smile was growing larger and larger, feeling as happy as it can be, feel the void in my cold heart being filled. I again took another screw doing the same to his other hand again twisting the rusty screw into his hand, this time he bled a little more. Though his screaming brought me joy I was getting a slight headache, so I started wiping the blood from his hand on his face and in his mouth. He bit me not thinking of the consequences for his actions once I got my finger free I noticed how well he had a hold of me, I too was bleeding. I grabbed a stone that lay on the crypt floor and holding his face still I smashed his teeth in his screams grew more intense and painful to the ear, but again the void lessened. Taking the scalpel, I slowly ran the blade around the shape of his face cutting just into the skin. His screams grew quieter, I imagine the pain he was going through was so intense he was on the edge of shock. I removed Charles' face while he still remained conscience finishing his torment and granting him peace in death. I poured the whiskey on his open wound letting the burn seep into his flesh and then I grabbed one of the candles and set fire to his wound. Taking his face with me, I blew out the candles and walked out of the crypt preparing for my next bit of revenge.

I made my way to my home where my beloved lay asleep unaware of the monstrosities I have committed. I walked upstairs and again put her to sleep using the chloroform I had used on her lover. She put up more of a struggle kicking and screaming through the cloth. I punched her in her jaw and held the cloth again to her mouth, this time her eyes closed and she had fallen pray to sleep. Due to the noise I knew, I couldn't go outside in the streets with her, so I took her down to the basement. There I hung her against the wall by her feet and bounded her arms behind her. I do not wish to torment her as much as Charles after all I loved her, and because I loved her, the things she will endure will be slow and less severe. I want her mind to suffer and what better way than after making my point keeping her bounded upside down till the capillaries in her head burst.

Once she awoke, I again spoke to my victim. Her face in shock, surprised to see that I was the one who attacked her. "Why do you look so confused? You know why we are here on this dark night. Your sins are the cause of your captivity, my love."

After speaking to her, she begged me to let her go apologizing as much as she could, but what was done has been done and my mind has been made. "It didn't have to be like this Emily. You only needed not to stray, but you let your lust take over. You may join your lover forever in life and death. I have a gift for you."

I took Charles' face from my jacket now with a string attached in the back. "This is your lover's face. The reason you left here." I placed it on her face like a mask. She screamed in terror. "Enjoy yourself love." I left with the door to the basement closed behind me and locked from the outside. I felt great, but still unsatisfied.

I needed to flee, I could no longer stay in town where my wife and Charles dead, there was an obvious trail leading to me. I had to be swift and cunning. I left my house and walked through the night using the woods surrounding the town as cover. I am going to tread by foot to a town I find suitable to start a new life. I traveled for days living off the land eating bugs and anything I could get a hold of without incident. Until I stumbled upon a group of children in the woods playing in the trees. My thirst for blood hasn't been quenched in a while and I saw an opportunity. Waiting for the children to head out of the woods, I followed close behind in the shadows of the trees. Waiting for one to stumble a little bit behind. I seized my opportunity and using my shirt, I slung it around the front of his face and pulled it in to the young boy's mouth. Silenced I pulled him into the trees and using a stick that lay nearby thrust the tip into his eye socket pushing it into his brain. I was once again filled with joy, but hunger has taken its tole on me. I had a crazy idea in my head something that would seem immoral. I can argue with that easily, my excuse is simply for survival I will eat the child.
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Published: 11/30/2013
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